Friday, May 14, 2010

What you can do if you're concerned:

If you're concerned about the shoddy owl boxes being put up on poles all over America with no consideration for the survival of the babies....

We've decided to do something about this, because the problem is so rampant and does not take into account the survival of the babies! It's JUST for humans to get rodent control out of these innocent owls who are lured into these owlboxes only to have their babies die, over and over again. The lucky ones get rescued and taken to wildlife rescue centers, which are slammed every year with hundreds of babies to raise, teach to hunt, and condition for flying.

So we have formed an alliance to get the laws changed or added to the existing Fish and Game regulations, to require that all owl boxes have certain features and are installed in a certain way.

We'd be happy for you to join us! We're just forming and are brainstorming and working on various things just to get up and running.

Go to yahoo groups and you can's the link:



DJ Sommers said...

Hi all,
I have submitted two requests to cancel my order for the Molly book and have received no reply or reimbursement. I explained that I don't want even one dollar of my money being contributed to owl boxes if they are inappropriate. In hind sight I recognize that I should have thought about this before I ordered the book. They have yet to cancel my order or even communicate with me regarding the order.

I did go on to say that once the design is in place and made public I will be glad to donate if they are appropriate for the owl's needs.

Let's see what happens. Just can't feel good about giving up even a dollar at this point. The designer and installer is just horrible in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, have you seen the platforms for Owlivia and Owliver's owlets? Please tell us what you think of them?

Monica K. said...

I'd be curious to hear your assessment of Owlivia's setup, too, Stacey. The one ledge that's two feet away and the same height looks real functional to me; the second ledge looks a bit too low to be useful for branching, but it could be they won't even go down there until they can fly pretty well.

Kudos to Owlivia's human "parents" for installing the new ledges!

Dadu said...

I had never seen this film before; I love it. There are good examples of branching also.