Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great stuff happening!

I just want to tell you guys about two new books, just released, that are GREAT!

I read both of them when they were "galley manuscripts". What authors do, is when their book is almost complete, nearly done w editing, the publisher has a bunch printed up and they send them to other authors, who critique it and give comments, to help the author and publisher to see if it's great, needs work, whatever. These two books were sent to me, and I get a steady diet of great books to read this way...but these two really were page turners for me.

They are both informative, hilarious, full of great stories, deeply spiritual, passionate, and written by people who have dedicated their lives to the wild ones and to understanding our fellow creatures.

Both are recently released so you might not know about them fact the second one was released YESTERDAY and people are just starting to get theirs in the mail.

Drum roll.

They are:

Birdology by Sy Montgomery (she is currently on a whirlwind booktour and might be even speaking in your city soon)

An Eagle Named Freedom By Jeff Guidry

I have read and re-read both books several times just because I so enjoyed them. If you liked Wesley the Owl, I think you'll like these two books as well.

Stacey :-)


Susan said...

I actually have 'Birdology' on order from my local library, and am about to start 'Mind of the Raven', which I recently picked up based on your previous recommendation.

I love "suggested reading" ideas, so please keep them coming! :)

Susan from MI

darien said...

okay then...I'm about to go shopping! Thanks, I'll take our recommendation seriously because I loved Wesley the Owl.

eaglewalker said...

Thank you Stacey!! I'm so thankful for your beautiful blurb and the post on your blog. Coming from such a great author as yourself this is much appreciated!
btw...I'll let Freedom know you gave her a plug.


wess_liana said...
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wess_liana said...
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wess_liana said...

I just read Jeff's book, An Eagle Named Freedom... once I started I couldn't put it down! What a wonderful and inspiring story! I loved all of the stories about the 'wild ones' at the Sarvey Wildlife Center... to think it's practically in my back yard! (well, actualy it's a couple hours away...but still) I definitely plan on making my way up there to volunteer soon.

This book is wonderful on so many levels! From the lovely stories of the 'wild ones' and the people who save and care for them, to Jeff's struggles with cancer, the book is a page-turner! All of his stories are beautifully woven together with a deep and spiritual appreciation of nature and respect for the First Nations, which I also liked very much!

I highly recommend this one!! Bravo to Jeff for such a fabulous story and for showing me that you don't have to be a 'professional' biologist to make a difference on such a personal level. It definitely gave me food for thought!!!

Stacey O'Brien said...

I can also personally vouch for Jeff as a human being. I regard him as a close friend and he is every bit as spiritual and passionate and caring as he is in his book. I wish him all the success in the world in getting his unique message out to the world!

I, also, love the fact that you do NOT have to be a biologist to become very involved with wild animals. It's really never too late to live out that dream, if it is your dream!

There are wildlife rescue and rehab centers all over the country and if you want to get involved, you can. Yes, you'll be scrubbing out cages and doing laundry for a long time before you start actually interacting w/ the wild ones, but it's a time to watch and learn and prove your staying power.

It's a huge opportunity for anyone who ever dreamed of working w/ wildlife and missed it because their life took a different turn, or anyone who is considering working w/ wild animals and wants to get some practical experience.