Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have mentioned Marc Bekoff several times in this blog, and recently, when talking about him and his work and his books, I have said he was a co-founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. He sent me an email correcting me. I apologize profusely for getting that wrong! I don't know where I heard that, but I never checked because I assumed it was true, which was stupid of me. He does work with Jane Goodall on projects and has been on some documentaries with her.

His work is great, his books are absolute MUST READs if you care about animals and what's being learned about them and their emotional lives and sentience. He has so much to say and says it so well! He's another one of my "modern day heroes". I have never actually met him, but have been trying to do so since he wrote a very kind blurb for me about Wesley the Owl and has been so supportive of a new author coming out of nowhere, in spite of how busy he is.

If you haven't read Marc Bekoff, get his books and start!

I'll find where I misrepresented him and make the corrections.

Again, I apologize profusely!


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