Monday, May 3, 2010

Had a great trip to Washington!

The wildlife center I toured has a unique approach to caring for the emotional life of the wild ones in their care. I was fascinated by their techniques and will be writing more about it later.




Melanie said...

Please read your comments below your previous blog post. You have more people that support you than you know! We have your back Stacey! :)

And Hey? It's YOUR blog! It's a free speech platform.
And "he" has his platform...that is broadcasting to millions of viewers, and is saying wrong and negative things about you.

So why can you not speak your mind? I have never ONCE seen/read you slandering him...or decimating his character. Not. Once. In fact..just the opposite!'ve supported and applauded him and "gently" guided/advised him to get things right for the fledging phase, speaking from your expertise. And YOU should be able to speak that.

So for him to slander/de-characterize someone who doesn't work with WILD just...well ludacris!

I agree. Contact your lawyers. They are the 'experts' in this field.

But I don't think you should have to remove your's YOUR blog - and last I speech was a welcomed constitute in our country.

Stay true Stacey. :) You have MANY people in your corner! :)

Karolyn said...

Stacey - I totally agree with what Melanie said. In overflow chat there is a term for the Carlos worshippers - Koolaide drinkers. I know you have always tried to be very gracious to and about Carlos - only to be insulted by him and his moderators. I am sorry that you have been mistreated. And I am sorry that you took down your original blog - I am glad I got to read it before you did that. I hope you will come back to overflow chat.

Melanie said...
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wess_liana said...

I completely agree with Melanie, 100%, and I, too wish you'd re-post your original blog... although I think I understand why you took it down. The words you wrote in anger and frustration, however, were exactly the words that people needed to read. You are entitled to your anger... and I hope that you don't feel the need to moderate your tone for diplomacy's sake. It's a frustrating position for you to be in personally/professionally to listen to yourself and your colleagues be slammed and dismissed so easily. I'm frustrated FOR you. I personally have started avoiding the Main chat room like the plague and stick to places where we can speak the truth without worry of ridicule... There was a concern for the littlest owlet Wesley last night... he was unusually listless and laying in awkward positions on the floor of the box. I know they twist their heads around into unnatural looking positions when they sleep, but this seemed quite different... and I saw Max (I think)PICK UP the other owlet's head in his talons and drop it back down. He did that a couple of times and some just thought Max was stepping on him, but it really was a clasp, lift, drop sort of thing. Of course, we weren't ALLOWED to question ANYTHING!!! It was so frustrating that I just signed off for the night with a prayer for little Wesley's safety and will check again when the daylight camera comes on. I am prepared to call Nancy at Skyhunters MYSELF if he's still acting so listless.

Again, I wish you'd re-post your blog from last night (I hope you kept a copy). You have LOTS of people who love you and have your back... those were words that needed to be said.

On another note... I had a FABULOUS time in Bellingham. You're as delightful in person as I imagined you'd be and it was an honor to meet you. I'm looking forward to your post about the NW Wildlife Center.

))) We've got your back (((

wess_liana said...

I just read through all the comments for your previous post and I see that you took the post down because you were afraid of the veiled threats of lawsuits... For the life of me, I don't know what you could have possible been sued for... the details you referenced are all a matter of public record and your suppositions about Carlos' plans to take donations to finance his OWN installation of these horrible boxes is just your opinion... (but probably right on target!!). Please hang in there and take care of yourself... you mean more to alot of us than you know and we definitely have your back!!

Chris said...

Is anyone here able to take a closer look at Wesley? Someone said they could call Skyhunters. I can't be there very often, but it looks to me as if his breathing is more and more labored and that he is now much weaker. I know it's nature for the smallest to die, but I still hope someone can do something for him before it's too late.

It's sad that I don't dare mention this in the Owl Box chat.

Chris said...

I think it is perfectly valid to watch them closely for those who can, and to remove one who looks really sick while there is still time.

I find it bewildering that the minute someone mentions a concern in their chat, 5 people (who have zero background in owl behavior) jump in immediately to state authoritatively that all is just fine -- as though they knew.

I appreciate that Carlos wants people to "have fun" and not worry unnecessarily, but why not be realistic in case intervention would be helpful?

J.S. said...

Thank you, Stacey, for your sweet, humorous and educational talk and booksigning in Bellingham, WA, last weekend. I learned more about owls than I thought I knew and you are a gem. I loved your stories.

Faire said...

I wish we had stronger animal protection laws in this country. Carlos should realize that those owls don't belong to him, they are not his to exploit through misinfomercials. Right now he is saying that owls only live an average of 20 months in the wild, a figure that perhaps takes into account the high infant mortality rate, but grossly underestimates the general lifespan. Owls have to be older than 20 months in order to breed! Sheesh.

People are gormlessly asking Carlos basic, general questions that they could answer more accurately by using a search engine or visiting a public library, when they should be asking him specifics about what he is doing. How much of the money that comes in is he keeping? Has he created a 501(c)3 and is he filing 990's? And WHAT IS HE DOING, OR PLANNING TO DO, ABOUT WESLEY McGEE, who at the moment is the 300-pound gorilla in the owl box?

Susan said...


Sadly, reality is not allowed in main chat. I've come to the disappointing conclusion that the majority of those chatters are there purely for their personal entertainment. They don't want anyone ruining their Disney-esque fun.

Susan from Michigan

Chris said...

Susan,Yes,I agree. That's why I am wondering if anyone who comes here has the ability to observe and call Skyhunters if it is appropriate. And possibly they might not do anything either. I'd just feel better if I knew that someone would be calling and not just hoping that someone else would be. Stacey says that Nancy has a person right in San Marcos. But so often nothing is done because everyone thinks someone else will do it.

Susan said...

But so often nothing is done because everyone thinks someone else will do it.

Chris, very good point. Hopefully readers here can let us know that they will contact Skyhunters if the need arises. Personally I feel especially removed from the situation based on my location; perhaps a local person might be in the best position.

A question for Stacey or others: what would happen if a property owner blocked access to a rescue attempt? (not saying the Royals would ever do that, just curious how a situation like that would be handled, based on their protection status).

Susan from MI

Faire said...

Quoting Susan:

"what would happen if a property owner blocked access to a rescue attempt?"


To do so is a violation of federal law. Legally, which is to say hypothetically, the property owner could go to jail. In reality, however, any law is only as good as its enforcement, so the consequences are fundamentally at the whim of local authorities.

How much easier it would be in a place such as England, where all owls are considered as belonging to the crown.

Gaffney said...

Most all of the time Max, Pattison and Austin are visibly standing up front in the box and poor Wesley is in a back corner sleeping. Once in a while he begs for Max to feed him but even that is becoming less and less frequent. Since the inside-the-box night camera is conveniently off now there is no way to see if he is eating much.

Yesterday when we saw Wesley collapsed on the floor it seemed quite abnormal, almost comatose. It didn't look like a food coma to me, although the mods kept saying 'Wesley's fine, he's just sleeping.' Allowing the other owlets to step all over him, and he didn't react very quickly, doesn't seem to be a healthy and normal owlet behavior, at his age. After all he is only a week behind Max in age. Max was not exhibiting that behavior a week ago. I honestly thought we were witnessing a dying process.

Carlos likes to say 'it's 82 degrees here today. I have a thermometer on the fence, Owls love the heat because they don't store fat.' The babies DO store fat and lose it when they mature. That's why the owlets weigh more than the adults do. What is the temperature INSIDE the box/oven? There is NO shade to protect this box from the relentless heat of the sun.

I live in Maryland and I'm not sure about this, but doesn't Skyhunters need a more local whistle blower to sound the alarm. Do they rescue only if the homeowner allows it or are they connected to the feds who can enter on suspicion of animal cruelty? It would be a lifesaver for Wesley and it would be revealing to see how Carlos would respond or react.

If I'm wrong about Skyhunters please inform me. I do think it's time to rescue Wesley. Take a look in the box, where's Wesley? I really am unclear about who should call, who to call and when. But I think the time to make the call is now.

Magicsmom said...

Even in overflow chat, there is an attempt to curtail discussion. On a nightly basis, Carlos sends minions in there to make ad hominem attacks on anyone who isn't a Kool Aid drinker. In so doing, they get us to sniping back and forth at them and get the subject off the disgusting pimping of these owls and the obvious disregard for their well being. Don't worry be happy, have fun and enjoy the owls is the mantra. Well, how enjoyable will it be if thousands of viewers witness the death of an owlet because Carlos is so steeped in his denial. The deliberate quashing of the truth proves to me that this is about money and attention. Carlos is basking in his 15 minutes, but that is up in a fast hurry if an owlet dies before the eyes of his adoring fans.

Chris said...

Magicsmom, you are making a great many accusations about Carlos' motives and thought processes, something that it is impossible to know. I hope on this site --run by a real scientist -- that we can focus more on what we can realistically see is happening with the owls, and discussing what can be done, if anything, to make the situation better.

Magicsmom said...

Chris, I have seen a lot at Carlos' site and I know of what I speak. Moderators are in the overflow chat room observing and occasionally they get so angry that they out themselves. If they're not there to observe and report, then what are they doing there? They have no capabilities to moderate, as it is technically not Carlos' room, but belongs to Ustream. I have no doubt that people are sent there to antagonize and bait people into an argument.

Last night on my VERY FIRST POST, which was very innocuous in nature, a mere hello, I was attacked by someone who had been there for a long time making ad hominem attacks on people. Just how did this individual know who I was. Their first post to me was that I should be ashamed of myself and shouldn't be there. Really? I deserve that for simply coming in and saying hello? Do they have a list of names? I think so.

Don't insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe that it is a coincidence that I was attacked in that manner by someone who I had never seen in the room before. Don't expect me to believe that it's coincidental that every night, new names show up and they attack anyone who has the guts to say anything against anything that is being done at that site. In the case of last night, this person didn't even wait for me to say anything negative. I was attacked for simply showing up. Not a coincidence. That person was SENT there to stir up trouble. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Chris said...

I'm probably being foolish, but I really hope we can focus on the owls and what is best for them, and learning what Stacey has to say.

I think it is quite aggressive of you to accuse me of insulting your intelligence and "peeing on your leg," and I hope this site will stay free of the kind of constant hostility that exists on the Molly site. I am sorry that people were hostile to you over there, and I hope not to see any of that here, toward me or you or anyone else.

regihunter said...

Do not stop your Blog, this is your blog. Carlos runs the cam and his chat, this may educate other people who are observing.

People do not want to hear negative facts, yes the Royals have done a nice act to include viewers. I do not like all the merchandising involved, he does deserve to make so much money due to his cameras and what is involved for us to witness this wonderful event. There will be a lot of upset people if this turns into a tragedy......We have spent a lot of our time, and given our hearts to these beautiful babies. He states he is not an expert, well I know he is an intelligent man. Well it will be his fault, if he does not want to learn from the Owl experts. His ego, may be his undoing, can't we call the Skyhunters? He or the town should not be installing more boxes without expert advise. He has shown he does care for the Owls and all wildlife, well Carlos get with the program......He has taken on the responsibility and is making money, finish it correctly!

Question: What if he cuts down a medium size tree with branches and attaches this to the pole. Will this help the babies branching? I am going to try and suggest this in the chat. I will probably be banned also......(How do I get into the overflow?) I have tried refreshing over and over, I cannot get in now. Well take care all who read my humble opinion.

Blessings Stacey