Friday, May 7, 2010

a link to the book I was talking about

I wanted to offer the link to the book by the woman who escaped from the flds cult and experienced a lot of horrifying abuse, all the while being pressured to "Keep Nice", which was more important to the cult members, apparently, than even following God.

Here's the link, in case you're just wondering. What a woman of courage! She has a sequel about her life after her escape:

It's a harrowing story, though.

I read a LOT of nonfiction about all kinds of subjects...not just about animals. Human behavior is as interesting to me, almost, as animal behavior.

Anyway, thought you might wanna know about it.


Thom said...

Stacy, this is off-topic of your post, but I was hoping my reply won't get lost among all the others.

I am a frequent poster on the Molly Social Stream (ThomboyD, as I'm known there). After reading your entire blog, and in particular your concerns about Molly's owlets, I was saddened to hear of your Chat ban.

I have a Facebook Page, titled MODs & MADs, on which I set up a Discussion tab to talk about your concerns for the owlets. I know you don't know much about Facebook, and have limited time, but I just wanted to extend the invitation for you to join us there. Many group members have expressed their appreciation for your work and would like very much the opportunity of discussing this with you. I have posted links to your blog as well, so, in one way or another, I hope you will be in touch with these good people.

Thank you for the experience that was "Wesley the Owl." To say that it had a profound effect on me would be an understatement.

Joy and Doug said...

Stacey - I have this book sitting on my counter to read as we speak. My Mom just finished reading it and gave it to me. Small world that you would mention it!

melinda said...


I read Carolyn Jessop's book a couple of years ago and was shocked and sad - I did see she has a second book out now and was wondering if I would find it as interesting - I too love non-fiction and read lots of human interest type things - have you read any of Jon Katz books - especially Running to the Mountain which I think you would REALLY relate to. Also another favorite series of mine are the Norton the Cat series by Peter Gethers - these are priceless and also up your alley so to speak as his Scottish Fold cat becomes an international sensation.

Back on the Owls, I was very interested that ThomboyD has been in touch. I've been lurking in the Social Stream and read his posts regularly, but I too don't "do" facebook so I've been curious about the discussion group they have. So many people in the chat are supporting you and I feel for you because you're caught between a rock and a hard place - having to tread lightly and yet express your concerns and share your expertise - damned if you do, and damned if your don't.

Please take care and know that what you are doing will make a difference....

Faire said...

Stacey, have you ever read "Rascal" by Sterling North?

I think you'd like it. It's the true story of a raccoon and his boy:

"It was in May, 1918, that a new friend and companion came into my life: a character, a personality, and a ring-tailed wonder..."

It was probably my favorite book when I was a kid, and I still have my childhood copy. I put your no-less-wonderful book right next to it on my shelf.