Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've moved to a new chatroom, which is neutral

Here is where I'm going: If you wanna join me there:


See you in a happier place!

Stacey ;-)


Melanie said...

Be careful....people can "bite" in there too. I was bitten tonight. And it hurt. Bad. :(

Monica K. said...

Hi Stacey, I am so saddened by what has happened to you and how what should be a wonderful and unique opportunity to learn about owls has degenerated into so much controversy and anger.

I'll look forward to benefiting from your expertise over in the new chatroom. :)

GrayC's Gardener said...

Everywhere, on every chat room, in every bar or church parking lot - where ever there are discussions about ANYTHING you will find different positions. There is no such thing a neutral. But even tho people have different opinions I think you'll find the new chat room to be interesting. There's no guarantee however that your views won't be challenged!

Janet said...
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Janet said...
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Sparklepaws said...

Hi Stacey... it's Jill from Murrieta. I brought you the blinging owl shirt in Julian. I started you book last night and am loving it!

Sorry about what happened on ustream. I have not participated in the chat at all, but enjoy reading all the differing opinions and drawing my own conclusions. I will really miss your insights there. Of course, I will continue to follow your blog and the new site (if I can figure out where to find you on it). I so appreciate your sharing your expertise.

My best... Jill

bonnie91934 said...

Stacey, I have been banned for voicing my opinion. I will join you at the new chat.

ivorybill said...

Here's some baby possums with an adoptive mother to cheer us all up. :)


I never get tired of it. :D

cissycz said...

Sad. I see the attacks on Stacey have already started on the new chat site.
Stacey was angry (rightfully, in my opinion) and voiced some thngs that were emotional but she certainly does not deserve to be vilified!
Carlos has refused to take back his numberous statements about Stacey and other scientists only observing captive owls.
I have lost respect for Carlos and no longer participate in the chat there. Also, at least for me, I do not take the same pleasure in viewing the owlbox.
There is a huge ego involved here that cannot allow in opinions that differ.
Very sad.

cissycz said...

Glad to see that the offensive posts on the new chat site have been removed.
That person came in from the original chat and tried to spread vitriol to the new chat.
Thankfully, it was removed quickly.

Anonymous said...
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Janet said...
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Janet said...

Cheer up things have a way of working out! Will be reading your blogs with all my support! Staying close to home away from chat too lol!

Victoria B said...

Hi Stacey: I followed you last night to Sportsman's, and saw a few of your posts. I was trying to figure out how to view the screen and see the chat at the same time. Perhaps if I had signed in, the format would have changed to allow that. I didn't stick around long enough to find out because I was put off by someone challenging your identity, or being offended that you had used your last name. Geesh, didn't feel like dealing, so I bailed.

I want to talk to you because I love owls and want to know more about them. So I will try again.

Bionic Woman was one of my favorite shows. Loved Lindsay Wagner, and now I am wanting to see the episodes you were in.

Catch you later, Victoria B

Stacey O'Brien said...

Hmmm! I sure hope no one is over there posing as me! I had not even thought of that! I only have gone on once, and that just to say hi, I'm here, and intend to hang out here from now on. I think that's all I said. So if there is anything more extensive being said by someone saying they are me...that might NOT be me.

Oh man, this had never even occurred to me! What a wild place the internet is!


PaulaP said...

Stacey, for all the good the net has done bringing information to the masses, it can also be a vicious place where anonymous people can show true colors. Please do not let some of this bring you down. You have knowledge--and no one can take that away from you. If you start to feel anxious about what you read, just pull away. There is enough going on in your life to keep you busy. JMHO