Saturday, May 29, 2010

Other links to owl boxes! (in case you missed them at bottom of last post)

Commenters add so much to this blog! A lot of my entries are responses to questions from commenters. So, if you have an owl behavior related question, or anything owl, please ask in the commenter section! It helps me know what you're curious about and what questions you have. If I don't know, I'll say I don't know. I speak for Barn Owls, mostly. As I've talked about before, biologists can have narrow fields of expertise. It doesn't mean they don't know about other aspects of biology, but they do narrow their field of deep expertise down to one species, one organ (like my professor who spent his entire life studying the ovary of tbe surf perch) Barn Owls are my deepest area of expertise....just so you know. ;-)

OK, here are the links!

nicasio owls, on ustream

the 2 above are about the same age: these owlets are about a week or 2 younger


the female there is starting a second batch, 3 eggs so far

the hatch dates for the schopfuggerli owlets are may 2nd 3rd, 5th, 8th

the 5th hatch was either the 9th or 10th and the 6th hatch was probably between the 12th and 14th

itacri said...
Eveyln, here's another you will enjoy. Tawny Owls in a real wild nest (hollowed out tree). It says 2009 on the page but it isn't, they just didn't change that from last year.

From Kathlene:

A big shout out to the commenters who provided these, and a big thank you!


PS: And on behalf of the Barn Owl Alliance, I would appreciate any information you have on sites with owl box designs or discussions of branching behavior, and most of all, pictures or video of branching owlets - better yet, video or pictures we can USE for our material as we go forth to try to change the way owl boxes are done in the United States, and educate those involved with owl boxes.

IF YOU HAVE BRANCHING OWLETS IN YOUR VICINITY, PLEASE VIDEOTAPE THEM IN THE ACT OF BRANCHING, LEARNING TO FLY, or PHOTOGRAPH THEM! An occasional flash is probably not going to hurt anything, by the way. If you're willing to let us use your footage, we will be eternally grateful, as will the possible millions of owlets who live because of the education and changes these videos can help bring about! We will credit each video and picture with your name, of course.

We are working on our nonprofit status, and once those papers are filed, we can grant you a tax deductible receipt for your "gift in kind". I'm working on this w/ my lawyer currently. In fact, I'm living in his house. (My close friend is his wife, Cait, and I spend part of each year living on their 3rd floor at 9,000 ft (the Rockies, not the 3rd floor by itself) in the Eastern Rockies, up among the trees. What a difference from the noise and light pollution of Huntington Beach!).

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