Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you're in or near Denver today/this evening DO NOT MISS!!!!

Sy Montgomery - who is an extremely inspirational person, who has been in just about every jungle on this earth, plus just about every mountain range, who has studied the pink dolphin in the Amazon, the man eating tigers in the Sudarbans, the Snow Leopard in the Himalayas, apes in Africa, Kokapos in New Zealand, Cassowarys in New Guinea, and who wrote The Good Good Pig about her pet pig closer to home - the woman I call "Indiana Jane" is SPEAKING in Denver tonight and, I assume, signing books.

Does Denver know how lucky it is?

Run, don't walk. Get some of her books and have them signed. If you have kids who need someone to look up to, take them to meet Sy Montgomery.

She'll be at the Tattered Cover as follows:

She's at the Tattered Cover on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.
2526 EastColfax Ave. in Denver

Her current book is Birdology, which is a wonderful, delightful book

When i say "studied" I don't mean as a biologist, but more as a naturalist, as someone who wanted to get up close and personal - and DID! a person CAN become a semi-expert about something in nature without having to get a degree in that thing!


PS: As mentioned earlier, she's in Boulder the following evening at the Boulder Bookstore on Pearl Street.

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Stacey: I am trying to do a barn owl nest box project in my local (SoCal) area, and I would love your comments and any guidance you can offer on my progress as I work with the County.

My blog journal of the project is at: