Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pertinent links so you don't have to search blog for them;

Barn Owl Alliance yahoo group:

YouTube video of me talking about Wes w/ footage of him and me together:

YouTube video of me speaking to a writers' conference about the experience w/ Wesley and the writing of the book):

Wesley the Owl website:


Dadu said...

I just left a message over on the BOA group page asking for links to include for documentation when writing to editors, etc. Then I checked your blog for the first time in several days. You have listed so many wonderful links, I will check every one of them. This post almost would do the job of being a link I could include in a letter to refer to the editor or who ever for more information. If would be good to work on a list of clips and articles we can use for letter writing. You are a precious advocate for barnies, Stacey.

Stacey O'Brien said...

Thanks Dadu!

Yes, I think that establishing a series of links and clips, even sample letters, to help everyone in writing their own letters to the editor or to help everyone in talking to their dept of fish and game, eventually, would be great. We have a "links" section on our yahoo group where any good links ought to be posted.

I'm hoping that we can get directly to the people we need to get to, through someone like Nancy Conney, and not have to fight a huge fight to get regulations changed. After all, there are already boards, both state and federal, for this exact sort of thing.

They're all focused on the oil spill right now, but that gives us time to gather info, ask questions, educate ourselves, see what's available out there in terms of resources, etc.

If you haven't already, check the "links" in our Barn owl Alliance group, too. You're welcome to add any links you might find in my blog. I'm not all that good about putting everything in both places yet.

thanks to all of you for all that you do!