Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A quick note about languages other than English:

Once in awhile you may see comments in other languages. That's because the book is doing well in other countries, in those languages. So far it's published in:

Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese)
And there's a special U.K. version through Constable/Robbins.

If you write in a language other than English, go ahead and comment in your native language. I can read Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, and I just use an online translator to understand the others. It works very well!

I want to especially thank my Chinese readers for coming on the blog and giving their kind comments!

I am very honored when I hear from anyone from another country or culture! I think the love of animals is universal to all of us, and we all can gain a lot of understanding from nature, no matter where we are from or what language we speak!

Some news about these editions - In Italy there was a beautiful writeup about Wesley the Owl in the national magazine that goes w/ the newspaper. In Germany, it was just featured as a Reader's Digest Condensed Book and an interview with me will be appearing in the magazine "Bild der Frau". I don't always know what's going on in other countries, so if you are in one of these countries and you see something about Wesley the Owl, I'd love to hear about it! Thank you!



Lori said...

I was watching Molly early this AM when I noticed you were on the chat. I was excited to see that you were on...I hadn't caught you other times and Carlos highly recommended you on the ustream broadcast several times. I was shocked at how rudely you were treated. It made me physically sick that you finally left and the Moderators let those bullies stay on. Just so you know, I don't usually post on the chat, but I felt compelled to ask why in the world that was allowed to go on. The bullies attacked me, and a moderator was very angry at me. I kept questioning why the rudeness toward you was allowed and a moderator bbdiva threatened me several times to "leave it alone". I had 7-8 people PM me that they felt the same way I did and wanted to hear what you had to say and that you were the owl expert and that they were stunned at the rudeness toward you. When this bbdiva gave me a final warning, I PM'd her. In the mean time, a couple of people, the bullies, PM'd me...bullying me. Something is really bothering me about this whole thing. I apologize for it. I am copying and posting my PM with this bbdiva below:

5:51 Lori_Stuff: Something fishy is going on. People were cursing and are still on. I am only interested in the expert I was looking to hear from that Carlos himself advised us to look for.
5:53 bbdiva: I understand that. But we've been having problems with people getting riled up the last few nights when Stacey has been on. I'm not letting it happen again tonight. That's why I asked you
5:53 bbdiva: to drop it
5:56 Lori_Stuff: Why did you say so? Say it right on the chat site. Say it now maybe. I have so many messages from people who agree with looking forward the hearing Stacey who was praised by the man who runs site.
5:58 bbdiva: I have said so. Many times and on chat. Last night and tonight. We've just had enough of all the arguing and he says/she says.
5:58 bbdiva: If you would like to read her expertise, she has a blog im sure she would love you to visit
6:00 Lori_Stuff: You might want to re-think your position. You have some bullies on here and you allowed them to bully Stacey. A lot of us are appalled. We may not chat about food and the bathroom, con't
6:02 Lori_Stuff: that was recommended to us by CARLOS, you allow her to be so rudely treated? Something is not adding up. I don't think you should be telling me to go elsewhere, either.
6:05 bbdiva: First of all, I wasnt telling you to go anywhere. I said if you would liketo read her expertise, she has a blog. Never said you had to leave. Second, everyone has a right to free speech. cont..
6:05 bbdiva: No one was being rude to stacey, they were stating opinions that were different than hers and was challenging her on it.
6:06 bbdiva: Stacey knows a lot and is very insightful, but she doesnt know everything and she can be wrong at times, just like everyone else. THAT is what was trying to be pointed out by the chatters
6:08 Lori_Stuff: I have 7-8 people who PM'd me and said they were shocked at the rudeness. Free speech on this site is not the moto....Carlos stresses kindness and the focus to be on owls. I hope things change.
6:11 Lori_Stuff: Either uranium39 or phoons said "oh no, that stacey ass is back". They were told to watch their language and not banned. What's the real issue here bbdiva?
6:13 bbdiva: I did not catch that remark. If I had of, they would of been kicked from the room.

Please come back to Molly's Box. There are many of us who want to hear your thoughts and ask you questions.

Sincerely, Lori

Karolyn said...

Stacey, I totally agree with Lori. I love reading your comments and sometimes stay on far too long when you are there just hoping you will say something. I don't know what Icanhaz' qualifications or credentials are, but I do feel that he unnecessarily actacked you personally. I just love your passion and excitement, even when something you stated turns out to be different in this case. Not that you are necessarily "wrong", just that it is different. And you have even said so yourself. I know there have been times when several chatters have asked that you be given Moderator status. Some of them have been PM'd to "drop it". Or the moderators say that only Carlos can do that, which I don't believe is true, because I have seen them do it before. Just my feelings, but I believe this bias against you has something to do with the fact that on your first visit, you encouraged, even pleaded, that Carlos reconsider his "no intervention" policy if something happened to the owlets. I'm not saying that Carlos is behind this, but some of the chatters and moderators have turned Carlos into some sort of "god". I hope you will continue to watch the Owl Box, even if you don't "chat". I have your book, but haven't read it yet because I have been watching the owl box way too much! But I will be starting it today. I am looking forward to your appearance at Julian Library and hope I get to speak with you!

Kathlene said...

I saw things i didn't like this morning. That is why I am here reading your blog. Which by the way I just love and appreciate. I love the way you bring 'your experience and science' into it. Not making assumptions. You go girl, you definitely have my support.
Stacey, have you thought about opening a chat so we can talk with you?