Thursday, April 8, 2010

Details about Julian event on April 24th!

I promised I'd post the details of the event in Julian on the 24th:

I"ll be speaking and signing books at the Julian Library in Julian, CA (in the mountains east of San Diego), in the main library, at 1:00pm on the 24th of April, 2010. There will also be a bookstore there selling the books in case you want a personalized, signed book and don't have one.

You can bring books to have them signed, if you want to.

I'm looking forward to meeting you! Julian is a charming gold rush town. It was the site of the only gold rush in Southern California and has a gold mine you can tour, but their main source of income these days are their amazing apple pies. As the laws became more strict about the use of mercury in gold mining and other hazards, the mines closed and the town decided to make their main industry the growing of apples. There are apple farms everywhere, so apple pies are the center of culture there. You can get the best apple pie anywhere in most of the establishments along the main street. There is also great shopping and antiquing in Julian, which has hardly changed since the old west days.

If you go on over the mountains you'll go down the other side into Anza Borrego where the flowers are blooming like crazy in the desert this year due to all the rainfall.

Whenever I go to Julian, I make a day of it, or even a weekend of it. The Julian Hotel was built in the 1870s by a free'd slave and it's hardly changed since. It does have electricity now, but I think it's still heated with wood and has a separate building for the kitchen. There is high tea at 4:00 for tenants. The rooms are charming and victorian. I love to stay there and just relax and read. You can smell the apple pies baking and you hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves going by under your window. There are horse driven carts taking people around on tours of the historic town, which is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!

I used to take my mom there for long weekends for her birthday every year until her new husband took over birthday duties. We always had a wonderful time.

So, if you want to come, it's about a full hour from San Diego and you can make a day or weekend of it, eat some pie, check out the old soda fountain at the old pharmacy, and enjoy a major change of pace and scenery!

I hope to see you there!



asdf said...

Can barn owls see infrared light? I was wondering if the infrared illumination in Molly's owl box would affect the owls. For that matter, can they see ultraviolet light? Do we know what part of the spectrum they see?

Eva =uD said...
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Eva =uD said...

Hello!!! Im from Brazil, and my english is terrible.. =/ Do you speak spanish??
Bueno, mi nombre es Eva y tengo 14 anos. La verdad es que he lido tu libro 8 veces... y me gusto muchissimo!
Soy una gran fan suya.. Tu libro me tocó demasiado, y creo yo que eres el mejor libro que ya he lido =D
Me fascinó Caltech, Ludwig, su abuela Zimmie, su amiga Wendy, su hermana Gloria, y claro: Wesley Valentine!
Nunca un libro me havia involucrado tanto...Tambien soy una apasionada de la biologia, y son personas como tú y Jane Goodal que me motivó a elegir esta carrera: biologa
Te admiro =uD

Kathlene said...

I'm hoping to make it, Julian is only about 1/2 hr from me here in Ramona.

melinda said...

I'm planning to attend the Julian Book signing - do you know if it requires a ticket or reservation?