Sunday, April 11, 2010

My website

HI all!

A lot of you have asked about my website. Here it is:

It has a video of me with Wesley that includes us cuddling and him bonding with me at the end.

It also has the Baby Wesley plushie. The plushie came about when my dear friend, Wendy, who is a professional artist and soft sculpturist, made a life sized Baby Wesley based upon her many years of living w/ Wes and me, including the very first years when I brought him home as a baby. The Baby Wesley she made so captured his essence that I wanted one and my editor wanted one and anyone who saw it wanted one!

But it was a lot of time and work for Wendy to make each one separately, so I urged her to partner with a company and have them mass produced (well, not MASS produced. We had 500 made) as a collectible. So she did. It took several tries for the company to get it right so that it really did capture Wesley's essence, but they finally did get it just right to the point where I am a little startled every time I see it.

And then we made it available on the website so that people could just order it there and Wendy's friend could ship it so that Wendy's house wouldn't be full of Baby Wesleys, ragdoll cats (some 17 or so in the house at times), Colorado mountain dogs, all her artwork, her and her husband's guitars, was getting crowded! So she has a friend doing the shipping now.

It all works out pretty well and now people from all over the world can get the Baby Wesley. I sleep with mine and even take it on the road with me. It looks so much like the picture of him at that age that people think the picture of Wesley is a picture of the plushie! Haha.

Anyway, if you want a baby barn owl plushie, check him out at

While you're there, check out the photo page and any other pages you might be interested in.


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