Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bellingham, WA Event! Details as promised!

Here are the contents of the flyer that went out about my event in Bellingham, WA. I hope those of you who are near there can come! Notice that the event on Sunday, May 2 is FREE and does NOT require a reservation! I hope to meet you there! Please bring your books to have me sign, or you can get a book there and have me sign it. Also, make sure you introduce yourself!

I'm looking forward to this!


Meet the Author: STACEY O’BRIEN

Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
is proud to offer

an intimate catered evening lecture and book signing
with “Wesley The Owl” author Stacey O’Brien
Saturday, May 1st from 6-9 pm
Corona Court Clubhouse, 4780 Corona Court, in Bellingham, WA.
$40 per person, space is limited to 50 people
Heavy hors d'oeuvres and wine will be served
Reservations Required: Brian at (360) 220-6234 or

Then again on Sunday, May 2nd from 2:30–4:30 pm
at Fairhaven Library, 1117 12th Street Bellingham
Slide show and book signing (for adults), plus owl education and crafts for the kids!
No reservations required – this event is free, with an optional $5 donation to benefit NWRC

Wesley the Owl is a love story that begins when a young, compassionate biologist adopts a baby bird-and unknowingly embarks on a relationship that will last almost two decades. Written with the same heartwarming sentiment that made the memoirs Marley and Me and Chosen by a Horse runaway bestsellers, biologist and barn owl expert O'Brien chronicles her rescue of an adorable, abandoned baby barn owl - and their astonishing and unprecedented nineteen-year life together.
By turns playful and informative, Wesley the Owl is a surprising story of a complex non-human being capable of reason, communication, love, and loyalty--it is sure to be cherished by animal lovers everywhere.
STACEY O'BRIEN is a biologist, wildlife rescuer, and animal rehabilitation expert specializing in owl research. She lives in California.
These events are sponsored by Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.
Check us out online at


Teresa said...

I would love to be on your side of the country!
I enjoyed being in chat last night. I was telling you about our 400 acre nature park and then our internet dropped out and I couldn't get back into the chat room. The website for the park is If you are ever in the Southeast, you would love it.
I'm sure I'll be back on later today or this evening and look forward to more of you insight into this wonderful, but sometimes confusing, world of owls.

Eva =uD said...

Ola Stacey!!!!!!!
Sim, eu leio e escrevo portugues, pois sou do Brazil...pensei que o espanhol seria mais facil para você, foi por isso que estava comentando em espanhol! Hahahaha!
Aonde esta a tradução do blog em português? Eu leio este aqui com a ajuda de um programa de tradução da internet, mais aos traduções não são tão boas assim. Fico feliz de você ter traduzido!!! Uau! Muito obrigada mesmo! Depois, se puder, me deixe o endereço do blog traduzido... vou ficar Muito feliz!

Eva =uD said...

Aaah Stacey, estou muito triste, porque não vou poder ir neste evento! É mesmo uma pena, porque eu gostaria, muito, muito, disto!
Já pensou em vir até o Brazil? *O* Hahaha. Eu adoraria!
Achei fascinante a relação de Max e Wesley... no seu livro você descreve o comportamento de um ninho de corujas-de-igreja selvagens... o pai estava com dificuldades de caçar e você atirou alguns ratinhos no ninho da familia... = ]
Pois bem. Me parece que Max e Wesley são exceção a regra. São lindos dormindo, acho que as coisas mais bonitas que já vi na minha vida =D não me parecem tão competitivos, embora eu não tenha experiência nenhuma no assunto para argumentar..hahaha
Fico feliz de ler seu blog!
Ps: a lista de seus livros favoritos... anotei em uma folha de papel, e quando tiver um tempo, vou até uma livraria dar uma olhada. Obrigada pelas dicas.!

gcopelandrn said...

I posted a message on the wrong date, I think, so here goes again. Thanks for the B'ham details. I already have two reservations and can't wait to meet you!

I haven't been able to look at theowlbox in two days because it is too painful. Thanks for your thoughts. You are right on about the roots of people's emotional responses to this extraordinary experience.

See you on May 1! Take good care of yourself and your critters.


darien said...

Stacey, I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those who have been thanking you lately. I cannot be bothered with the owlbox chat, but I do enjoy watching when you are on. At least you are really an expert and don't just assume the role!

I have learned a lot from you. I bought your book too, and it was terrific. I find also that I am delighted FOR you. It must be gratifying that your memory of Wesley will be shared with so many. I would have loved to come to meet you, but I'm no where close to Bellingham. I hope it is a success!

Thank you, again.

alissa said...

on my calendar!
cannot wait to meet you!
your information during this experience has been truly appreciated. :)