Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm out of town, sorry no blog until tomorrow afternoon..

Hi all!
I'm in a remote location w/ no internet. I came into Julian to quickly write to you all that I've been resting. I had allowed myself to become too exhausted, and as you know, I have to monitor my health very carefully. So I've had no access to the internet and have not followed events.
But I just read some comments and I must say that I've heard many references to how we scientists do not or have not done our work w/ "Wild owls" and that it's somehow groundbreaking to be watching "wild owls".

This is ludicrous and almost does not bear defending. Who thought up the whole idea of putting cameras in the nests of wild owls? Scientists have been doing it since cameras were invented.

And we have been watching wild owls and compiling data and deep understanding for ages and ages.

The problem w/ looking at other owl boxes in San Diego is that there is a group here that makes a huge profit on putting up owl boxes in the most ridiculous places like suburban areas, w/ a "guarantee" that there will be no more rodents. The entire wildlife community has been in an uproar about this for years because it's purely for profit and there is no accountability to the way the owls end up dying in the end when they fledge. By then, the homeowner who had the box "professionally" installed is out their 500 dollars. Or 900 if they had a camera put in.

Just because someone makes a living at putting up owlboxes, does NOT mean they're an expert! Yes the feds are very aware of this and trying to decide what to do. They have not run up against this kind of for profit problem in the past and it's a problem that, believe me, is being hotly discussed behind closed doors among regulators!

in the meantime, Carlos has fallen prey to one of these companies, I'm told by people in the know. And he is in the unique position to remedy the sitaution.

I'm sure that Skyhunters, 619-445-6565 would be happy to help w/ the perch situation. Perches are not TOYS. They are what tree limbs are for. A box on a pole ia not a natural environment and owls are not able to think ahead to the fledging process because it would not be natural to find such perfect nesting spot unless it were in a tree, for the last several million years.

I don't know about the rest cuz I didn't hear what Carlos said so I'll leave that to whoever did hear it.

I'll be back tomorrow w/ a real post. Please make sure to keep agitating for the right thing to be done!


gcopelandrn said...

YOU REST, Stacey! I am glad you know the signs of when that needs to happen. I think all this has been pretty stressful.

We are "holding down the fort" and continuing to inject our thoughts into the sometimes opaque conversation.

I hope that Carlos will continue to "do the right thing." He must not abuse or misuse his power.

Drakonis said...

I introduced a fellow owl-lover friend to the Molly-cam, and today she introduced me to your blog site. What a refreshing find. I've been a nature/raptor lover all my life here in San Diego, and am glad to see your skeptical eye and thoughtful words offered here regarding unscrupulous salesmen, rat poison, etc. I shall now try to keep up with your blog too, as it looks to be a valuable resource... time for me to read back a ways and see what gems I've missed. Hope you have a relaxing time out around Julian.

wess_liana said...

I'm glad you're resting Stacey! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Bellingham and don't want you compromising your health!!

Great blog entry (as always)... we're trying to make a difference over there... just have to get people to listen without passing judgments first!

See you soon! (((hugs))) -Liana

melinda said...


I sent you an e-mail regarding meeting you at the book signing last Saturday and asking a small favor. I hope you can respond. Thanks

owl said...

I'm not a biologist but I kind of figured that observation and research has been done and is continuing to be done on barn owls. How else are Carlos and viewers getting their information? Google it!

I have wondered why Owlivia and Owliver's box isn't getting as much attention as Molly and McGee's. Are there perches or tree branches close to their box?

If those that put up Owl Boxes are not Barn Owl experts then wouldn't you think they would take advice from experts? Why are people being so defensive against this? They say let Carlos do the driving...however if he didn't study the manual and pass the test to get a drivers license I wouldn't trust him driving me. If I put something in my yard that doesn't naturally belong there I will be sure to change the surroundings to match how it would be in nature.

It's too bad that it takes agitation to get things done. Thank you Stacy for your blogs but take care of yourself first. We will wait patiently for your next blog.

Marilyn said...

Stacey...I know you are busy and not well,but we have owelette's in distress according to this group.No,It isn't Molly:) The are new babes and mom is not there regular and not dropping food often.Oh,it looks like time might be limited...
I am so upset and not alone...please,advise me
I am in Canada...box is in Escondido..

Marilyn said...

I just read the other comments here.I don't know what happened with Molly and family...re:Carlos...but He should be grateful to have your expertise...He must be afraid he might lose some sales(merch) with everyone buying YOUR book:) I bought it and got it yesterday have a long process at the border...Can't wait!
Love you girl...be good to yourself,you deserve it...
Hope you can help me about these owls in Escondido....I am sick to my stomach...

Charlotte said...

Marilyn.. I'm so sorry to hear of another nest box in potential danger. Please consider calling Nancy at Sky Hunters yourself about this right away. If you will google Sky Hunters on the internet you'll see why Stacey has mentioned them often. They are licensed wildlife rehab experts. Last night Stacey even provided their telephone #619-445-6565. If the babies are really as small as the still picture on the web shows right now (live cam is down) these babies appear to be too small to be without mom.. I wonder if that nest box's human attached a porch to the box while mom was inside, too?

Anonymous said...

Every time I log on here I learn something. Thanks so much for your reassurance that the Feds are on top of this! There'll always likely be tension between those who seek to protect wildlife and those who look at the natural world only in terms of how to make it pay. This situation is pretty unique - there's potential for both sides to come away happy if it's done right.
Carlos may have blown his chance to voluntarily be the shining example we hoped he'd be, but all isn't lost yet. Considering the exposure his owl box is getting, the regulators would be remiss if they didn't seize this chance to improve the survival rate of owls born in nest boxes all over the country. Behind those closed doors the wheels of government regulation grind slowly. I'm sure a lot can be done to tighten up regulations, but it takes time to get laws passed. In the meantime, pressure can be brought to bear on the regulators to enforce the existing laws. This is still a golden opportunity to make a difference, but if we want to see things change, every one of us is responsible for playing our own part. It won't happen if we wait for somebody else to do it.

Thanks so much for providing the number for Skyhunters. Do you have an email address for them too?
Take good care of yourself, Stacey. Thanks so much for all you do!

Joy and Doug said...


Looking at this picture, there is a pretty thick branch that rests right up against the porch of the owl box. I think that's why Carlos has not been as worried, he's the only one who's actually seen the tree in relation to the owl box. I never realized there was a branch that close until I zoome this picture in. Stacey - if those branches don't look sturdy enough to you - then I would suggest getting in touch with Carlos himself - I don't know if he gets a chance to read this blog. I know you mentioned you heard Donna has read it - but I still think talking or emailing Carlos directly would be more effective if you are truly worried. If you are on chat - just PM a mod or Carlos himself if he is on and I'm sure they'd help you get in touch with him.

I hope you are feeling better after your busy weekend.

Magicsmom said...

Stacey, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see you voice the very same concerns that I have. Even though I am not a biologist and not an owl expert, I think it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Molly and her owlets are being exploited for the entertainment of some, and the profit of others. Thank you for speaking up for her.

Janet said...
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Anonymous said...

Owl, from the photo on Owliver and Owlivia's website, it doesn't look as though there's a tree near that one either.

DJ Sommers said...

Hi Stacey,

I hope you are getting the rest you need. We REALLY enjoyed see you at the Julian library this past Saturday and are doing our best to add our "worry wart" comments to the Molly chat.
Someone else commented that the O & O owl box was install with the same lack of consideration for fledglings and it appears to be true. Hope they make changes too.
Hope you have found your keys! I spent 30 minutes looking for mine once and they were in my pocket the whole time!
Take care,

DJ Sommers said...

Hi Stacey,
My friends and I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak at the Julian library this past Saturday. What a wonderful, positive person you are!
We are all hopeful the area surrounding the Molly box will be updated before fledging occurs. I am not owl expert, but I recognized the potential for disaster immediately upon seeing the set up.

Hope you found your car keys - how frustrating! Thanks for making the effort to come and speak in spite of it all!

Take care,

DJ Sommers said...

ok - you will see 2 comments from me (this makes 3), because I thought the first one didn't publish. Sorry.

Janet said...
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Charlotte said...

Joy and Doug.. I think your suggestion(for Stacey to perhaps call Carlos herself)is one that under normal circumstances and with people who are genuinely open to feedback and to honest learning might be be a good one. Carlos KNOWS that Stacey is a leading expert on barn owls and he has discounted what she has repeatedly, with such grace and respect, tried to convey to him regarding the insufficiency of the current box set up. Carlos' "perches are toys for owls" talk made me pray that Stacey would never EVER try to contact Carlos directly. The energy and chatter in the Molly mod box feels more like a cult with each passing day. If it weren't for the innocent owlets inside that nest box, I would have tuned out way before now. Nancy Conney from Skyhunters is calling me back later today and I'm going to ask for her opinion on the picture you referenced (which I emailed to her yesterday). After Stacey and Nancy's input about the picture perhaps it will be time for each one of US to become involved.

Lynn said...

http://www.barnowltrust.org.uk/popup_slide.html?Id=98 http://www.barnowltrust.org.uk/infopage.html?Id=41
Hi Stacey, Its Lynn (lynndw4771). I had these links brought to my attention and this shows pretty much exactly what you've been talking about. That having these owl boxes is not what wild barn owls have been used to and is not their natural habitat by any means... When it comes to fledging, barn owls must first ' branch' which is something that other wild songbirds do not do! I was someone in a chatroom last night say that IF an owlet tumbled out the owl box door, and over the edge, it would be no big deal, because they have the instinct to flap their wings up and down until they come to a soft landing. ( WOW! Are they mis-led by someone!) If everyone could see the 2 sites that I have given you above, they would ( or at least SHOULD) totally understand those that are concerned by this type of a box that is being sold in CA for barn owls.
Again, no one is trying to tear anyone down or make anyone look bad, but just to get info out there to share what is needed when you want the best in safety for these new little owls.
In the UK, they have already gone through THIS stage of 'unfortunate & sad' learning & by that have come up with a design to help them be as safe as if they were in a tree or flat loft where they would have room to branch..hop, flap wings, back and forth til they learn to support their weight, which they don't know how to do when they first start trying it.

You will see in these plans on this link, they tell to have the entrance hole into the nest at least 10 inches, I think it was..or higher from the bottom of the nest, and then some small peg/perch-type protrusions up to the hole , where they learn hopping and flapping their wings INSIDE of the box before they get near an edge that is high up.. IN a tree..if they did it at a place too high for them, the branches underneath them who 'catch' them..not so with an owl box on a pole. With this design box mentioned in the above link, they would NOT get out of the entrance/exit hole until they had already 'practiced hopping up on small protrusions and flapping wings and back down.. once their wings are stronger, then they can reach the hole to jump out, etc.. ALSO..once they get to THAT point..there needs to be a large enough 'trunk' at ground level, for them to climb back up it to the box to get back in!
Well... watching the links says it all..
and these guys have learned it by the poor owlets that have fallen from the straight pole w/ the hole easy for them to get out of, and then no way to climb back up to the safety of their nest.
Hope this helps in your endeavors and helps those who want to have things done right for these sweet wild creatures.

Eva =uD said...

Oi Stacey!
Até que enfim, tivemos noticias suas! Hahaha. =D
Eu cheguei a ficar preocupada. Todos os dias eu visitava o seu blog, nao via nennhuma atualização, e ficava me perguntando "será que aconteceu algo com Stacey?".
Que bom que você está bem!!! Fico feliz por saber disso. Eu talvez não possa acessar a internet por um tempo, por causa de uma viagem... =[
Mas, caso isso aconteça, lerei todos os seus posts quando voltar.
Cuide-se, ok?

Joy and Doug said...

Charlotte - I'm glad that you sent that picture to Skyhunters to get their opinion. I have no idea if that is sturdy enough or not. I could be wrong, but I don't think Stacey has seen the new set up yet either because he just put it up Friday I think and she has been without internet.

As for Carlos - I don't see him as much of a bad guy as you are making him out to be. If he had refused to make any changes - I would agree, but he has. He just didn't make the exact type of perch that Stacey explained. He may have never seen that if he doesn't read the blog. He did consult references when making what he did, so sometimes you have to make a judgement into what reference you give more credibility to if you have two sources giving differing opinions. If Carlos didn't care, he wouldn't have changed a thing. Whatever happens I hope the fledgin is a success - though I am prepared for it not to be, no matter what changes are made because this is nature and it doesn't always have a happy ending.

gcopelandrn said...

Charlotte, I agree with everything you said. I was able to communicate directly with both Donna and Carlos a couple of days before ustream blocked my access to the main chat room on M/M. The Royals answered my concerns by saying they were "looking into it," and both of them clearly did not appreciate having anyone ask persistently about the perch situation.

I tried and tried to get some "authoritative" attention by PMing the "mods" in that chat, and was especially careful to be respectful, but they were defensive, belligerent and finally...threatening (threatened to have my access blocked permanently, which they finally did).

I also respectfully questioned the mods about the "rules" for the chat--questioning why mentions of O/O owlbox were being suppressed, when the rules stated that chat about ALL owls was appropriate. This, too, was met with hostility.

I think it is very interesting to view both these boxes because they're in same area, at the same time, and with chicks the same age. Fascinating differences in maternal behavior, and viewers of O/O have noticed the behavior of those chicks is different from those in M/M in interesting ways.

I agree that the main chat room in the M/M site has many features we associate with cults. Among other features, there is harsh suppression of "unwanted" viewpoints or questions that challenge established authority.
What a waste of an opportunity to observe, share and educate.

Oh, well, at least we have this forum---and thanks for providing it, Stacey!

Charlotte said...

I imagine MANY of us are looking forward to Stacey and Nancy's input about the picture of the new platform and the entire area around the nest box. When I think back to the part of Stacey's book when she described how her Wesley attacked her HAIR when she simply changed the way she wore it I am DEVASTATED for these owl parents. Carlos has admitted that Molly was IN the nest box the day he attached the dowel-porch. Was it a coincidence that she stopped roosting in there the NEXT day? I can't believe that picture is not more troubling to viewers. For a few it is even a source of comfort.. that Carlos is doing the right thing. It frightened the heck out of me!!I call that picture "Nightmare on Royal's street"

Joy and Doug said...

Charlotte - do you want him to install perches so they can fledge or don't you? He trusted someone to install the box correctly - whe he was informed it may not be good enough he made changes. Now those changes aren't good enough for you - but yet you think it's too much change - that doesn't even make sense! You can't have it both ways. Molly's owlets are thriving and just fine. Owlivia is no longer roosting with her brood either. The day Molly left the next I found sources from all over the world that said it was normal for a mother owl to start roosting outside the nest when the youngest owlet is 3 weeks old. Does that mean they all do it - no, but this owl did. When Carlos installed the porch Stacey herself said it was a good start - now you are saying he shouldn't have done it? Color me confused.

Charlotte said...

Joy and Doug.. what I hope most for these dear owlets and their devoted parents is that Carlos and Donna consult with Sky Hunters, Stacey or ANY other legitimate, licensed and/or credentialed OWL or raptor EXPERTS before making any further changes. I, too, have 2 similar boxes that are up 12' and 15' poles. Now that I have learned what I was not aware of before about the fledging needs, I have a responsibility to provide for those needs. Why would I not want to obtain input and design my solution around the advice of a leading owl expert? Why would I DIScount that experts' advice when it is so freely and respectfully given? In the end when all the arguments and differences of opinion are behind us, it is the owlets safety and the well being of the entire barn owl family that we're concerned with, really, isn't it?

Joy and Doug said...

Charlotte - one thing we can agree on is that we want what is best for the owls. I guess I am just not assuming that because he hasn't consulted Stacey or Skyhunters (and we really don't know that he hasn't consulted them) doesn't mean that who he did consult doesn't have just as much expertise as those experts. Many experts differ in opinion. If you want your opinion considered, you have to offer it in a way that makes it seem most credible. Making snide comments about the person you are trying to get to listen to you (Stacey has not done that, I am talking about the some of the chatters) is not the way to go.

Joy and Doug said...

Oh and I should have said in regards to Stacey contacting Carlos - I think Carlos would listen to Stacey herself. Just because he didn't listen to one of the 5000 chatters that have entered that chatroom over the last 2 months doesn't mean he won't listen to Stacey. She is knowledgable and well-spoken. I'm sure they could have a very good conversation either in voice or written word.

Anonymous said...

Joy annd Doug, I can't speak for Charlotte, but I'd understand if she did think what Carlos has done is not enough and too much at the same time. Carlos has stated he will not put up a perch system. So the owls are still left without a place to safely fly to from their box, and have no way to return to it once they're out.
How is what he HAS done too much? There's no way to do what he did, getting up on a ladder and screwing (I HOPE it wasn't nailing!)an appendage to an INHABITED owl box without disturbing them. Is it a coincidence that Molly left it then? Maybe, but I doubt it. And then there's the flash camera for those night shots. Don't get me started...
As for Stacey contacting him personally, it would be wonderful if that could happen.... if he's open enough to listen to her. I was disturbed the other night, though, to hear that she. too, had been banned from the main chat. Maybe it's just a rumor. I hope so.

Andrea said...

Just finished "Wesley the Owl" last night, and passed it on to my co-teachers today. We got interested in the Molly web-cam via a blog I read, and the toddlers and preschoolers in our small child care center have been checking in daily. One of our very youngest toddlers has progressed from "Whooo-Whoooo" to "Check Owl! Check Owl!" We have borrowed lots of books from the library, and tomorrow a rehab specialist is coming to visit with an owl who was injured and lives at the rehab center.

Before I left tonight I copied some photos of owls from the library books and set them up on our light table with plain paper on top for the kids to draw on tomorrow. This has become a subject of great interest to children and adults alike.

Your story was riveting, funny, sweet, sad, spiritual, and such a joy to read. Thank you for recording so many details of your life with Wesley, and sharing so much of what you learned. I will be thinking about The Way of the Owl for some time to come.

I look forward to reading more here.

Best, Andrea in Vermont

Joy and Doug said...

Andrea - the only time anyone has been banned from main chat is if they are spamming the site or using bad language. People have trouble logging into the main chat all the time. Carlos has been unable to get in, mods have been unable to get in. Since Stacey neither spams the site or using bad language - she would not have been banned. I have had to refresh 20 -30 times to get into the main chatroom many times. The Ustream software is very buggy as a whole. There was one point today I was not able to log onto the chat room at either Molly or Owlivia's site. It's been happening a lot lately also, where people can read, but they can't log in to post. It's a Ustream issue - Carlos and the mods have no control.

Joy and Doug said...

Sorry - my last response was to maizyb, not Andrea. Though Andrea I'm glad you enjoyed the book - I loved it too - great read!

Charlotte said...

Stacey I pray that you're feeling more rested and that all the spirited dialog happening here on your blog (and your need and desire to be engaged with it) in NO way translates to any degree of stress for you. That's what I worry about. 4 waking hours seems hardly enough to hold all that's in your heart to share with the world each day. We are SO blessed. PLEASE take gentle care..

msg said...

Joy and Doug said, "Andrea - the only time anyone has been banned from main chat is if they are spamming the site or using bad language."

Incorrect. I got banned from the M/M for questioning the 501(c)3 status and relationship of the San Marcos Community Foundation with the Royals, who'd stated emphatically that a portion of all donations would be devoted to it for some unclear purpose. Fact. (The affiliation copy with SMCF on the landing page itself curiously vanished afterward.)

No spamming. No bad language. Only direct questions, and at least one other professional I've been in contact with has been banned from the chat for same.

Btw, there's a notice upon attempting to sign back in to the chat that reads, "You have been banned," which pretty much makes it clear that it's not a Ustream issue but a mod declaration.

wess_liana said...

Oh golly... I don't really want to overload this string of comments, but I can't resist making a couple of observations... I will try to keep it brief because I know you've been reading for DAYS now... First, I've only "known" you and the other professional in question since mid-February (and I put known in quotes, because I only know you both from online) but I think I have a pretty good hold on the types of people you are and I wonder if there's just a mis-communication somewhere because I've never gotten the impression that he's trying to profit unscrupulously. He said tonight that the only reason he put the box where he did in Carlos' yard is that he knew that the immature tree would eventually grow to be big enough and that Carlos wanted it close enough so that the video cable would reach inside... I'm really not sure that doesn't sound reasonable to me, but I understand the arguments about fledging branches and the lack thereof... I'm just not sure if this is one of those cases. I know this person to be a caring nature lover, and I just don't think this characterization fits the person I've come to know. If I'm wrong, I would really like to know, but I will feel duped.

Perhaps it's just a simple matter of educating the homeowner on their continued responsibility once they install a box and further steps that need to be taken to insure it's success (but I'm not sure he doesn't do that now)... I just think communication is always the key... Stacey... you and this person have become so prominent and respected in Molly's box not to try to work together for a solution... the world would hear! Please rest and take care of yourself ((hugs)) -Liana

(ok, so I wrote a book, I'm sorry, I just had to get that off my chest... forgive me)

Eagle Eye said...

Hey Stacey, you take care of your self first before you can help others and IGNORE the "arm chair" biologists" the so called "I read" ones. No one has any idea about what they are talking about, we who Live with the wildlife and have spent YEAR's observing the wild ones know what we know so just ignore the ignorant. Take care honey and will be in touch

gcopelandrn said...

I agree, Eagle Eye. You take care of yourself, Stacey. We are all limited in all kinds of ways when it comes to being able to influence the outcome of this owl family and others.

My students are heading into professions with high rates of "burnout," and I give them the following quotation (which I consider BOTH a call to action AND a reminder that factors outside our control determine what we can and can't do at any given time):

"Do all you can, with what you have, in the time you have, where you are."

Anonymous said...

You go girl! But get your rest too : ) I've almost had to stop following the chat on Molly's box because of the people who say "What do the 'experts' know. If we just think happy/positive thoughts everything will be ok . . . yadayadayada" I consider you to be the voice of reason and you certainly cut concisely through the worthless chatter with valid and reasonable arguments.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Joy and Doug's photo looks like an optical illusion caused by the angle of the photo. There is no branch that rests against the porch. You can see that there isn't when the outside night cam is on.

Robert said...

Hi stacy,

Enjoy your blog and hope you're getting the rest you need.

I would urge you to contact Carlos directly with your concerns and constructive suggestions. Don't know him personally but he seems reasonable and well-meaning. And, as you say, he is willing to learn as he goes.

Take care of yourself and best wishes.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your links. While painful to see photos of owlets who've had unsuccessful fledgings, it's a wake up call to everyone who has installed owl boxes or are planning to.

In regard to the type box you described with the hop up pole and raised entrance/exit, you will see a fine example of a box with an owl sitting currently on her eggs:


Take note of the interior space which will allow these owlets to stretch their wings, practice flapping and they'll have to learn to hop and use their wings while inside the box before they can fledge.

I cannot take the M/M main chat. There are people purposely exiting that chat to get into overflow so they are not under the bizarre mentality of the moderators and the regular chatters who've drank the Kool-aid. My significant other who loved to watch the cam no longer does so. The view is horrible during the day and there is no view inside at night anymore. It's even a wonder to me that anyone tunes in anymore. It must be morbid curiosity like seeing a car crash about to happen and being unable to look away.

I have seen many declarations that this is probably Molly's first clutch and this is the first time the box has been occupied though it was installed two years ago. Perhaps wiser, more experienced owls have passed this box up due do its poor location (no place to fledge, no cover, in full sun, standing stark in the open). Now we have four babies inside with what appears to be a less than ideal setting for them to return.

If anyone has been watching the Starr Ranch owlets, they leave to hunt and come back all through the night and use their hatching place to sleep during the day. Will we see this happen with the M/M owlets? If nothing changes and they aren't given something better to fledge, this is going to be horrific to watch. Maybe Carlos can install a cam toward the ground so his 10 millionth coveted viewer can watch what will certainly be a struggle for life.

Joy and Doug said...

Anamartina - you are right, last night I paid closer attention to Owl Box 2 and the still pictures taken at night and that branch isn't visible in either. I think it's farther away and not visible in the zoomed in views. But on that picture I posted, it sure looks like it's resting on the porch. The angle of the picture is so important.

I don't want to argue with people and cause Stacey stress - so I will end with saying that we all have the same goal - successful fledging of these 4 owlets. I will hope and pray for it to happen one way or another. I hope Skyhunters gets back to Charlotte with their opinion, I'm sure someone there can look at the pictures, and view the outside shot on Ustream and decide if more needs to be done.

As for the banning in the chatroom, I guess I can't speak to that - I was just going by what Carlos has said when he speaks. He said he's gotten the "you've been banned" message and been locked out. Others have gotten it too. But in the end, I am not a moderator there, so I don't really know if some of them have taken matters into their own hands. Some are more uptight than others -that's for sure.

Instead of arguing with each other - let's send all of our positive energy to the owlets in the various owl boxes (Molly's, Owlivia's and now Fluffy and Buddy) for positive outcomes so these beautiful birds can grace California!

Susan said...

Perhaps wiser, more experienced owls have passed this box up due do its poor location (no place to fledge, no cover, in full sun, standing stark in the open).

Poster, I'm glad you brought that up. I've witnessed several chatters say that Molly wouldn't have picked the box if it wasn't a good choice. Their statements make me want to scream, because I've personally witnessed time and again the disastrous results of poor nesting location choices by songbirds around my home. Wild creatures are not exempt from making "mistakes".

Stacey, what are your thoughts on this?

It is such a shame about the bizarre turn the whole experience has taken lately, thanks in large part to the disturbing actions of some of the chat moderators. Still, I ultimately don't fault the Royals and will continue to check in on Molly and her family.

Susan from Michigan

andy said...

Hi Stacey,

I've just finished reading "Wesley", I'm a big Owl fan and my Mother bought me a copy as a gift. I slowly fell in love with Wesley and by the end was in tears for you both! I'm a "big tough" six foot bloke so this was a bit of a first for me!

What a fanastic story and what a lovely person you are - not to mention what a character Wesley was!

I just wanted to say howdy and how much I liked your book.


Andy Wilton

Joy and Doug said...

Just an update - Stacey was in the mainchatroom on Molly's video stream this morning. It was so nice to see her. Sounds like she is doing more traveling, so let's wish her safe travels!

Kathlene said...

Stacey, hope you are doing well. It was nice to meet you in Julian, next time your in the area, contact me. We got an RV we use as a guest house in the backyard, lol. Only 35 min from Julian.
Anyways, I would like your thought on this link:
http://www.barnowltrust.org.uk/content_images/pdf/Polebox_design_50.pdf from the barn owl trust site as well as this one:

I'm not understanding why they are advocating these boxes on poles ???
All of your knowledge and experience makes sense to me. Although owls are different as we are learning new things from Molly & McGee. I'm not understanding why the Barn Owl Trust as such links.
Mahalo nui loa!