Monday, April 12, 2010

Pics of Wesley bathing, and at different ages on website:

Here's a pic of Wesley diving into the bathtub. You can see a lot more on the website's pictures page:


see see some said...

is there a press kit that you send out for schools. i would like to do reading in our local schools~bringing in molly and carlos later if the compression levels are there~these are exceptional students with special needs~range from months old eduction levels to tweens age wise~varing hours depending on how much mainstream in reg school~excure typoos`it's 3 am and i'm having low BS episode~ i'm workin on my preentation of the lesson plans to the various teachers~i'm a retired teacher and i'll go into the class rooms once or twice a week and read and present videos to them

see see some said...

however~thhs is my personal icon, not my retired professional pic! lol