Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wesley The Owl (tm) Collectible

We are ready to manufacture our first edition of 500 Wesley collectibles! Here is what he looks like. If you would like to purchase one of them in advance, send $26 plus $6 domestic ground shipping, or $10 Priority shipping, or $18 overseas shipping by Paypal to If you don't have Paypal, visit You can pre-order Wesley by credit card there.

We will ship your your Wesley when he comes in, which should be in early to mid - December.


GFK said...

Hello Stacey,
I finished reading your book last night and was sorry to see it end! Your story of your relationship with Wesley is a very special one, and one that those of us who have had relationships with domestic animals can relate to as well. I've had a once-in-a-lifetime horse who lived to be 34; I was lucky that she and I crossed paths in the late 60's. We felt an immediate bond with one another. Perhaps it wasn't luck that brought us together, but some sort of providence that was meant to be.

Your skill as a biologist and with Wesley is unique because of the nature of his wildness. I have been involved with a wildlife rehabilitation center here in Wisconsin and would, as I'm sure you would, caution people not to think of wild animals as pets, but as fellow creatures on a life journey with a special set of instincts and characteristics.

Since Wesley was not releasable, the life he had with you was a gift to him, as you developed a way of communicating across the species line, and you went above and beyond in providing him with a quality of life few, if any, owls are privileged to live. He was indeed a special being, as are you! The grief you are experiencing after losing him will never completely go away, but new doors are opening for you, as I can see from the book and this site! The world will be at your doorstep/keyboard as a result of your telling your story. I feel like I know you!

I am an Occidental College graduate from 1967, so we both know the campus well! I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and moved back to my home state after college and a brief time in Denver.

Have you read "Merle's Door," by Ted Kerasote? I wrote to Ted at his e-mail address listed in his website after reading his book, which is the story of his unique relationship with a dog who had adopted him as a "wild" stray in a wilderness area of Wyoming. Ted was able to communicate with Merle on a deeper level after allowing the dog to make many of his own decisions. They were partners rather than dog and "master" as it seems it was for you and Wesley.

Wesley's life may be over, but the gifts you gave him and the gifts he gave you will remain forever. New doors have and will open for you, while Wesley is flying free. You both win!

Take care, and I'll be here checking on your progress once in awhile:-)

Milwaukee, WI

GFK said...
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