Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank you to those of you who have sent comments!

Hi Everybody who has sent comments! Thank you SO MUCH! It's so encouraging to hear from you! I mean, I'm sitting in my little office at home, and I rarely get out, except for when I go out for events and booksignings, so it's hard to believe people are actually reading the blog and are actually reading the book and that you "get it" about how WONDERFUL Wesley was! I'm amazed that Liz in Boston got so interested that she's actually getting involved in going out and banding Saw Whet owls! That is going to be an amazing experience! Those little owls are passionate, opinionated, feisty, cute as all heck, just amazing animals. Owls have been so overlooked, I think, and they are just spectacular in their feathering, their intelligence, and their personalities! Thank you for recommending the book to people, too! Wow!

I'm very touched by those of you who felt touched by the book. It's an awesome thing when people can bond over time and space through a book. I write what's in my heart and mind, and then at some other time, you read it and experience it as if you were there with me while I was writing it. This mysterious interaction between readers and writers has always fascinated me. And even though we haven't met, there is a bond formed there! Wow. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! You have no idea how much it really does mean to me!



jtrindel said...

I just finished reading the book and had to let you know how much I really liked it! It was a heartwarming story and I could feel how much you loved Wesley and how much he loved you. I have also been through the heartache of losing my beloved cats. It's a horrible, gut wrenching feeling, but your book has helped with the greiving process, just knowing that there is that mutual love helps alot. Thank you for writing such a lovely book and sharing it.

clancy said...

Hi Stacey
I am an artist with an interest in owls. I have drawn and painted about 100 owls which will be in a show on November 13 at 8 at the World of Wonder Gallery at 6650 Hollywood Boulevard. I hope you can come. You can preview the art at
I would like to be close to an owl as you were.
Clancy Cavnar

rdmarie111 said...

I cherished your book, in fact, I had to read it twice, just to savor all the special moments, full of laughs, unbelieveable events and just a tad gross on occasion to make it perfect! You are a special person and a gifted writer. It seems God brought Wesley into your life, seeing your heart of gold, what you are capable of, how with a mother's love you'd care for Wesley.

I think your book should be required reading for every high school student. It is consciousness raising in that your concern for animals is a good example and contagious.

Who could know that a teeny 4-day-old ball of scruff quivering in the palm of your hand could grow into such a heartstealing adorable sweetheart, so full of rascal love and mischief. I'm not sure which scene is the funniest. I worked with scientists and they aren't boring at all, luckily, as an office worker, I never had to work on the buckets of eyeballs they dissected every day.

NonniGram said...

Dear Stacey -
I have just finished reading Wesley the Owl and am totally in awe of the incredible relationship the two of you shared.

I read a great deal and am a lifelong animal lover. It is rare to find a book that I find I do NOT want to end, but this was certainly one of them. The deep bond between you and Wesley was so awesome I just could not put the book down. Wesley's antics had me both laughing and crying - Your writing had me hooked from the first page. I feel so blessed and grateful you shared this heartwarming, beautiful "love story" with us. Thank you so much for a wonderful gift.

I look forward to more books from you - PLEASE.

Linda Johns

Theresa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly uplifting and touching story about your life with Wesley! I couldn't put the book down and had to read it straight through...
I laughed and cried and was so touched I immediately called my best friend and told her that she must read your book!
I can't even begin to explain to you how much your experiences touched me.
I am excited to see you book is a success! I am so pleased to read your blog as you are so down to earth and real. I wish you a world of success!

Zaineb Istrabadi said...

Dear Ms. O'Brien,

I have just finished your book after having not being able to put it down. I am unable to find the right words to use to thank for your having written your story with Wesley, so a simple "thank you" will have to suffice. Also, I write to wish you good health. You will be on my mind and in my prayers henceforth.

Anonymous said...

I could not put your book down. I just had minor surgery on my face for skin cancer and found myself trying not to laugh (stitches) and found my self tearing up over owl hugs. What a gift God gave you! I found myself asking if I can be any kinder to my dog Annie who is now 12 and wanting a deeper bond with her. Since I was up till 1:30am finishing your wonderful book, I'll say goodnight.

sarahsmile said...

Dear Stacey,
We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet you at the book signing yesterday at 'The Grove' in San Diego. My husband especially enjoyed it since he tracked the mexican spotted owl in graduate school. I just finished the book which I loved! Now I will pass it on to my husband Ken to read it.
We wish you continued success in your life and work!
Sarah & Ken

seoreh said...

I just finished reading your book and almost read it all in one day. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story! Many, many blessings!

natalie said...

Stacey, I cannot wait to buy your book. Natalie(Ritter) Sadoff-Lusby.Yes, formerly Ritter.