Tuesday, October 14, 2008

picture of nearly grown baby barn owls from hungryowl.org

Family of barn owls
Oh aren't they beautiful, even at this awkward stage? I love the middle one. You can see his tongue sticking out. That's hard to get in a picture, but when they clack their beaks to threaten the photographer, they first stick out their tongues! "Tongue stickout, CLACK, tongue stick out, CLACK!" That's one of the classic ways Barn Owls make their feelings about the situation quite clear. And this photographer caught it! Good Job!

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TheloniusMick said...

That is the cutest damned picture. Looking at those owlets, I am reminded why I taught my African Gray to say, "I'm a dinosaur. Roar!" (He would actually say, "roar," not make a roaring sound, and he'd whistle a little on the "s" in dinosaur!)

He had dozens of phrases learned, but my favorites were:
--"Hello, my friend" and
--"See ya later, buddy (of course, whistling on the "s") and
--" 'Ello. Good Mornin' " in a cockney accent.

I wish I'd taped him.

Do you think we'll ever get to see or hear some of your Wesley footage? That would be really great!