Friday, October 17, 2008

Wesley Makes the Front Page of the OC Register!

I got my Orange County Register today, hoping that there would be an article about Wesley the Owl in there, since I had done an interview last week for it. I wasn't absolutely sure when it was going to run, and I assumed it would be buried in the Lifetime section or something like that. NOT SO! It was on the FRONT PAGE! WOWEEE! I wish Wesley was alive and would have understood that his precious baby face was on the front page of the OC Register! It was one of his baby pictures, when he was at his cutest. WOW!

I guess that there are now a lot of online archives of radio shows I've been doing, and I probably need Wendy to link to them from the home page so that you can listen, if you want. I was on NPR's "Living With Animals" and on quite a few other shows around the country. It's always interesting to me to interact with different talk show hosts and get their particular take on the book. Some will emphasize the owl behavior part, others want to talk about my illness and how animals can help people heal and help a person through depression, as Wesley certainly did for me. Some are interested in the lifestyle aspect of the book - how crazy and different my lifestyle was and how people responded to it - particularly boyfriends! And along with that, the really eccentric lives of my fellow biologists, some of whom lived much wierder lives than I could even dream of. I put that chapter in partly because I couldn't resist telling a bit about these amazing folks, and partly to put my own nutty life in some kind of perspective. ;-)


Michelle Ames said...


I just finished reading "Wesley the Owl" and loved, loved, loved every word, every deep deep deetle deep, and every mouse and feather from the front cover to the back. I knew that I would read about the end of Wesley's life - and that I would cry when I did - and I read through the end anyway.

I feel so honored to have been allowed this insight into your life with Wesley - and his with you - through your writing. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

God bless you!
Michelle Ames

Kris said...

I heard of you and your book on NPR, and read it recently. Impossible to put down, even though the end was tough. Wesley the Owl was an education on barn owls as well as an amazing story. Thank you for giving us such a treasure, as Wesley gave you in the form of his love.

Best to you,
Kristin Armstead

teacher115 said...

I read about Wesley in people!! I am so glad that I read about him. I just feel in love with him. I hated to come to the end of the book not only because I knew he died but also because the story was over. You are the greatest Stacey a true animal lover. Thanks for sharing Wesley with us.
Lisa Graves
West Tn