Friday, October 24, 2008

Me and Wesley kissing

Wesley and I used to snuggle for hours at a time. Often I would recline and he would be on my chest with his wings up around my shoulders and I'd be rubbing him under the wings or on his nose or neck. Other times I'd balance him in the palm of one hand, and he'd pull up his feet. I'd hold him so his head was snuggled under my chin and with the other hand I'd groom him and rub the bridge of his nose or the back of his neck or top of his head.

In this picture, we had been snuggling like that when he woke up and wanted to groom me on the face and kiss me on the nose. So I'm kissing him back.

The only way I could get a picture of this was by putting a video camera on a table and sitting in front of it within the frame that I saw through the lens. Wesley would never relax enough to do this kind of thing in front of people - well almost never - and so it was nearly impossible for someone else to take a picture of us snuggling.

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