Sunday, June 6, 2010

What we can do to save other wildlife from future spills:

I got this from Defenders of Wildlife and I did go to the link w/ the letter, altered it w/ some of my own comments, and hit "send". They make it very easy to lobby for change to save wildlife. If you're interested, I'm posting this email I received from Defenders of Wildlife. I am a member, obviously, and they are an organization that uses letters and pressure from members to ask lawmakers to pay attention and do the right thing in these matters:

Here's the email I got, plus info on Defenders of Wildlife:

Here is the exact link to the letter page where you send a letter to Washington to stop driling in the Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Some people have had trouble getting to it, and there are so many links in this message that I thought I'd put the exact one here for you:

If you can not read this message for any reason, you can view it
online now...

Dear Stacey,

Imagine the potential damage from an industrial oil field in
the midst of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - one of the
most important
onshore denning habitats for polar bears - and you'll
understand why I need
your help today.

Polar bear mothers are particularly sensitive to noise and
other disruptions. Construction, road traffic, airplanes and other
activities can cause these beloved wild bears to abandon their cubs,
them to die without the important lessons that only a mother bear can

Help preserve the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to
the Arctic Refuge - and the polar bears and other wildlife that
rely on this
pristine landscape to survive.

With the Fish and Wildlife Service set to revise the Arctic
Refuge's 15-year management plan, we only have until Monday
(June 7th)
to make our voices heard. We only need 800 messages from caring people
in California like you to meet our goal of 40,000 messages. Will
you help?
(note, they are talking about California because I am listed as being from California. But they need letters from people in all states).

Please take action
right now! Urge the Fish and Wildlife Service's Arctic Refuge
Planning Team to protect the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge and the spectacular wildlife that live there.

For years, the oil industry and
its political supporters have pushed to industrialize this special
place. Just this week, one of the oil industry's
biggest supporters, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin even claimed
that the offshore oil disaster in
the Gulf proves the need to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge! In fact, the Gulf oil spill proves only that drilling
is too dangerous to risk harming a pristine place like the Arctic

The Arctic Refuge is home to polar bears, grizzly bears, caribou,
musk oxen, Dall sheep, wolves and rare wolverines. It's also an
important area
for millions of migratory birds, many of which make their way
across California on
their way to the Arctic Refuge.

Today you have the unique opportunity to tell the Fish and
Wildlife Service how you think the Arctic Refuge should be managed for
generations. Please help protect the Refuge's wildlife by taking
a moment to
tell the Fish and Wildlife Service how important the Arctic Refuge is
to you.

Send your message

and urge federal officials to...

* Begin
a comprehensive review with an eye toward designating the
entire Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge as federally designated
Wilderness, so that polar
bears and other wildlife need never again be threatened by
the potential
for harmful oil and gas drilling and other destructive
development in the
habitat they need to survive;

* Stand
strong against the State of Alaska's
efforts to extend its out-of-control and scientifically
unfounded predator
control programs into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;

* Preserve
the viability of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and
its wildlife for
future generations of Americans by setting aside unique
ecological areas
and regulating recreation.

With the lives of threatened polar bears and other arctic
wildlife hanging in the balance, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is
how exactly to manage the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

It's up to us to ensure that these federal officials act on
behalf of the Arctic Refuge...and the wildlife that call this
special place
home. Please take action right now!

For the Wild Ones,

Peter Nelson
Director, Federal Lands Program
Defenders of Wildlife

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Lynn said...

I just joined Defenders of Wildlife and took action on several things but cannot find the email they sent you. I see the deadline is tomorrow. I've typed in lots of different web addresses listed in your post but am not having any luck. Hope you can direct me to the right spot before tomorrow.

Stacey O'Brien said...

Here is the exact link. It is a bit confusing the way they set it up:

Dadu said...

Defenders of Wildlife must have fixed the problem. I just now went to the Home page, clicked on the polar bear in the center of the page and sent off my own version of the message.

Lynn said...

Thank you Dadu. I never found the right place yesterday even after typing in the link that Stacey sent. (that was the longest link...I could feel the glaciers melting as I typed!) I will now go to their Home Page and try your suggestion.

玉鳳玉鳳 said...


Stacey O'Brien said...

Translation of comment from Chinese reader is (literally):
"Death is sad, but to live not happy is tragic"

Thank you to all the Chinese readers! I am honored to hear from you and honored that you have read the book (it is published in Chinese).

rogerbrener said...

Did you see the new improvements Carlos Made to his Owlbox (Heat insulation, a platform on the front,You can see it on Mollys blog at wordpress). What do you think. PS Still mad they kicked you out of the chat. Hope all is well.