Saturday, June 12, 2010

PS: Here are some links about amazing animals and their intelligence, cuteness, etc.

Check out these links:

Blind dog has own seeing eye dog:

Ragdoll cats and kittens napping (they are all Wendy's!):

And a final cute picture of puppies:

My text is copyrighted, but otherwise the pictures are copyrighted by the websites they came from. The images are from (which contains images that are not as innocent and sweet as these animal images, which is why I did not provide the link)

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suzanne said...

Stacy, I was reading your book on the train from Boston to Cambridge, when a young woman sitting next to me said "That is my aunt!" I was blown away and could not think fast enough to say how great I think your story is. I admire all you have done and wish you and your family the best. The young woman told me her name is Kat - I was thrilled to have such a coincidence occur.
Suzanne, Boston.