Sunday, May 24, 2009

MUST READ! Some awesome books:

I just finished reading two books that have been brought back into print because they are such timeless classics. Both are by Sy Montgomery> They are

If you want to read about adventure! If you want to read about amazing relationships between humans and animals then these are your books to find and read! I was so mesmerized by Sy's writing and her adventures and stories that I could not put the books down.

I was introduced to Sy's writing with her bestseller called THE GOOD GOOD PIG, which, if you haven't done so already, you must read. She had a pet pig! Yes, a 750 pound pig named Christopher Hogwood to whom she was devoted. He ate so much that the entire town had to pitch in to keep him fed. Restaurants brought all their scraps to Christopher to eat. Little kids loved to do "Pig Spa" with him, which involved him relaxing while they shampood and groomed him. Such a life he had!

You might recognize Sy's name because she wrote a blurb about my book that's on the cover. Since then I've found that she's just an amazing writer and has had the most mind boggling adventures that most of us would never have the guts to even try. She was chased by a maneating tiger in the Tiger book.

If you're looking for more great animal stories, try "Grayson" by Lynne Cox. This story, like Sy's books, has the quality of a fairy tale except that it's true! Lynne is a world class record setting cold water endurance swimmer. She works out by swimming way out off of the beach in Long Beach. During one of her workouts she was approached by a baby gray whale who had lost his mother. She STAYED WITH HIM and their ensuing adventure is the stuff of legends.




Jody Kuchar said...

I was hoping to find an email address for you as I visited the Wesley website. I will try to make this brief. Bravo! Your book brought tears to my eyes. Your devotion to Wesley and his owl-ness is such that every person who is companion to birds can relate to. My parrots are my 'kids' and today,I can't imagine life without a feathered friend. There are so many people who give their lives for the betterment of the creatures who share our planet - I wish you could meet Barbara Harvey of Mayville Wisconsin, George Archibald of International Crane Foundation, and so many others I have come to know over the years.
A wonderful and shining book: The Birds of Heaven, by Peter Matthiessen (author of "The Snow Leopard"), among others.
Wishing you the best in your life, wishing you more unconditional bird love, wishing you health and joy.
Thanks for writing and publishing "Wesley". I am sending a copy to my hero, Barbara Harvey, raptor rehabber, and once, love of Uno the Kestral (rip).

NatashaK said...

Dear Stacey,

I bought your book as I was going on holidays and am so glad that I did!

I finished reading it last night, and it was quite simply 'magic'. I am so very glad to have found your story and to have read about your amazing journey with Wesely...such a wonderful creature with a huge soul and personality. It goes without saying, that it brought tears to my eyes. I wish you well and thank you for sharing something so deep and personal with us all.

Your respect for both Wesely and all creatures is something that more people should be aware of and can learn from. Your empathy with Wesley shone through on each page, and the many funny moments you shared together was a joy to read.

You bring to mind the peace and wonder that Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer have for our animal brother and sisters.

Be well and happy!
(Sydney, Australia)

Katherine said...

I really loved The Good Good Pig but haven't read any of the other books so I will be sure to check those out. I loved your book, as I love all books about the relationships between people and animals. I purchased your book about Wesley today while at the airport waiting for a delayed flight and could not put it down. I started reading it while waiting for the plane to arrive, continued reading during the flight and finished it about an hour after I arrived home! Thank you for writing such a beautiful story; I know it must have been painful at times...

Another wonderful book I recently read and would like to mention is "Where the Trail Grows Faint: A Year in the Life of a Therapy Dog Team". I hope that you and the readers of your blog will pick it up as it was an extremely inspirational and emotional read.