Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6 event in Danville, California

Hi! I will be in Danville tonight as follows:

7:00PM Contra Costa County Annual Reading Festival—Author event and signing
Danville Village Theatre at 233 Front Street / Danville, California

I'm really looking forward to it. Turns out my vet, Dr. Douglass Coward, grew up in the area around there and has told me about it and I'm very much going to enjoy visiting! I hope you can come!

To answer a couple of questions in the contact me you can go to my website,
and on the home page click on "contact". It will give you Andy Dodds' email. You can send it to him (tell him it's for me) and he'll forward it to me.

As for an adult Wesley plushie, we are definitely planning to do one! Wendy eventually wants to do an entire series of owls, but Wesley is her passion. Wendy is my friend who lived w/ Wesley for his first 4 years and knew him intimately. She also is an award winning artist and soft sculpture is one of her fortes. How perfect was it for her to design baby Wesley? It was perfect! So that's how it all started.

I'm glad you like having him! I sleep w/ mine and then set him up durinig the daytime. It's a comfort to me to have a representation of him. It's like having a photo of him, it so well captures his essence. I think only Wendy could have done that.

Well, I'm off to pack and go to Danville!


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Kathleen said...

Hi Stacey
Thank you for your wonderful talk here in Danville. We all enjoyed hearing your stories about Wesley. Please come back to Danville anytime but be sure you come by the library and say "Hi"

Cathy, Children's Librarian at Danville Libary