Monday, March 7, 2011

Dogs can read, like Gorillas

Check out this link! Koko the Gorilla is using words and symbols to communicate, now. She has a pet dog who learned the techniques just by watching Koko's lessons. Pretty soon, the dog was using his/her nose to point at the cards w/ the symbols or words on them. You can teach your dog how to use the cards to communicate by downloading the chart that they're using for the Gorilla. They apparently have instructions for teaching your dog to communicate with you, using words and symbols!

Here is the link:




Unknown said...

Hi Stacey,
I just wanted you to know I read your books. I am 10. I greive Wesley with you. I hope to be just like you someday. Thank you & Wesley for everything. Good luck!
-Emma Claire Carr

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. O'Brien,
I just finished your book and was very touched. The Barn Owl has long been my favorite bird. I currently volunteer at the Leslie Science Raptor Center in Ann Arbor Michigan where I feel privileged to be able to feed the raptors every Friday. Among them is a beautiful Barn Owl. He still toe dusts when I enter his enclosure, but the hissing has subsided. I also attend to Barred Owls, Horned Owls, Eastern Screech Owls, a Northern Saw-Whet and two very haughty Great Horned Owls. I wonder if you could recommend good books on the biology of owls? Thank you for your time and good luck. We would love to have you speak at the science center someday.

Anonymous said...

I too just finished reading Wesley the Owl. I started it earlier today while cuddling with my puppy ( she had shots today). Needless to say I read it straight through and just finished crying. I hope you continue to find peace and happiness.
~ Natalie

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Stacey,

I hope you're seems like a long time since you posted. I loved your book. Barn owls have always filled a space in my heart. I am thankful that you're written such a heartfelt story that is reaching so many people.

I would love it if you'd write a book specifically for children. (forgive me if you've already done that).

I cried for Wesley and for you. I hope you are well now.

Pocketful of joy to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Emily Owlet said...

That's so amazing! Dogs are cool animals!

I've read Wesley a million times, there's no doubt that Wesley was your own little angel! I wish I could have met him. I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you one day!

Good luck and thanks for teaching me about little Wesley! said...

Hi Stacey,
I just finished your book about Wesley. Truly an amazing story. Thank you so much for the memoir. I got to help rehab and release a Swallow-tailed kite this month! I hope you are well.
Barb Walker

MrsTigercat said...

I just finished reading WESLEY THE OWL and was deeply moved, and am already recommending it to all who will listen. I can't help but wonder - how are you feeling these days? That brain tumor sounds terrifying. Did the doctos find meds that are actually shrinking the tumor? Do you still pass out?

You dog is beautiful, by the way.
Take care. Dallas Marshall

Chana Meddin said...

Dear Stacey,
While surfing the web tonight I came upon your blog and although I knew your reputation with Wesley, was delighted to see the hamsters and interested in something else. I also live with severe, chronic daily migraine and enjoy a guinea pig sanctuary in my home but struggle with wanted to contact you and ask how you cope, really knowing very little about you as my time on the internet SO LIMITED by the headaches but my blog (and I am not saying this to advertise, but as a method of contact only is (I think!) as I was a wildlife photographer before illness yet find animal rescue my true passion! So few extoll the virtues of the wee rodents! All the Best! Chana Meddin

Ron Bogoyevac said...


This is Ron Bogoyevac (Lea & Kristen) - you lived with Wendy & Terry next door to us for awhile at the time you got Wesley. Just a quick note - we have & read your book...wonderful!!

Interestingly, Lea & I have become volunteers with the Ojai Raptor Center and have had the tremendous experience of working with & caring for barn owls.

I know Lea & Kristen would like to communicate with you - our address is

Our best to you.

Ron. Lea & Kristen

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