Friday, January 8, 2010

Belgium readers - need info from you!

I've been hearing from some readers from Belgium and have a few questions that only you can answer. First, is the version you're getting in Belgium in French? If so, how can I get the Belgium version? Is there a webswite for buying that version? I have a number of people who are trying to find the book in French, plus I would like to have a few copies of it myself. If you know how to get this, could you use the comment section to let me know how to get it? Thanks!



Fran said...

Hi Stacey, I've just phoned the bookstore where I normally buy my books for information about your book. They said that it's not available in Dutch, nor in French. In fact they can't order it at their normally book supplier.

I also googled around it but I could find nowhere that it exists in those two language.
I'm going to try to find out more about it.
I will let you know if I have more information.

May I ask you something Stacey?
I have searched for your Email address, but I couldn't find it. Therefore I want to invite you to read my next post on my blog: Starting to Doubt. I will publish it on January 14.
The proposition that I make there, is in fact intended for you.
What do you think about it? Do you think it's a good idea?
If it interests you, then I leave it up to you to choose a “Charity Cause for Animals”.
I will contact them then, and make them the proposition.
I won't blame you if you if it doesn't interest you.
Please let me know something.
You can eventually contact me on my Email address.
Thanks for your attention.


Fran said...

I still want to add, I have bought the English version.

Fran said...
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Fran said...

Hi Stacey,
In search for more info about your book I found today someone who has the same bond with her owl as you had with Wesley.
I found this on a Belgian forum for falconers. It's a woman and she has also an owl. He is now five years old. This is a part of what she wrote there.
In fact I can describe my bond with my owl the best such as the biologist Stacey O'Brien had with her owl. She writes about it in her book: Wesley the Owl. In fact I advise this book to all falconer who find that love to or of a bird of prey is not allowed, is unnatural and animal maltreatment is.

If it interests you this is the name of the forum. It's in Dutch, but maybe you can use the translator.
You will find her here, her name is Laroena and she placed this comment on August 10.
Her comment stands below this page.

Take care!:)

PS: I replaced this comment because the URL wasn't correct.

Fran said...

Sorry but every time there goes something wrong when I past the URL in your blog Stacey.
I hope this will be correct. I didn't copy it but wrote it separately. I even placed it on my own blog to see if it was correct now and there it worked.


Between forums and file and viewtopic and t must stand &. That changed everytime I pasted the URL.

Fran said...

Sorry for the mess I made Stacey, but there are character signs that are not compatible with the US. It's there that it goes wrong. I placed the URL in my own blog in the comments of my last post. There it works.

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