Saturday, August 15, 2009

A video of me and Wesley together will be out soon!

Simon and Schuster has put together a short video of me talking about my life with Wesley, along with never before seen footage of me and Wesley cuddling, kissing, hanging out together. As soon as it's available I'll put up the link! I love seeing Wesley and all his little mannerisms and sweetnesses. There's nothing like seeing how he really was. People who have seen it were pretty much blown away by Wesley's attentiveness and affectionate nature!

Some other cool things have happened - The Christian Science Monitor has given Wesley a big thumbs up, and Orange Coast Magazine does a "Best of" issue every year and said that Wesley the Owl is a "Best of" for best summer read. People Magazine also gave it a mention in the 8/10 issue as a great summer read. It's hard for me to even wrap my mind around this kind of thing. It seems so surreal! Who knew that these pictures of Wesley would be so widely seen, and that his story would actually be known by other people at all, much less on this level! I just feel humbled and awed, and happy that so many people truly "get it" about the intelligence and emotional capacity of animals. To me, that means there are a lot of great people out there, and I meet you at the events so that proves it to me. I feel so lucky to be able to meet so many caring, compassionate, animal loving people!



Tosh said...

wow. I've been looking forward to a video since the first time having read the book. And I was wondering why no mention of it was ever made; but I guess the time is right! I think I am not alone in this. Can't wait!! thank you Stacy! and Wesley, of course!!

Janice said...

Stacey..I'm so looking forward to buying the video about you & wesley. Your book was totally inspiring & uplifting. I do pray & hope your health is better..Blessings Of Love..Jan

Mary said...

Stacy, I am reading your book now. I just can't put it down! What an incredible experience it must have been for you to raise Wesley! I will keep checking to see the video.

Vegan Bonnie said...

Hi Stacey:

Thank you for loving Wesley and for giving the world such a precious book. I finished reading it on the weekend and am still shedding tears. You have taught me how to better love and care for my cat Leo.

I wish you all the best, blessings from Toronto!

Mary said...

Stacey is there any chance that you will be able to post mp3's of his voice? I'd love to hear them. I finished the book, it was wonderful. I wished it would never had ended.