Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Wesley the Owl in French? Other languages...

I had someone ask if it's in French. I'm not sure! I'll ask my publisher. It might be, because I think it's being published in Belgium in French but I'm not sure. So far I know it's in:
Brazilian Portuguese
U.K. English (in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Australia)

I'll find out if it's available in French. I'd really like to see it in French and Spanish!!!

Also, I may try to have it translated into Gaelic myself, since the Irish language is so dear to my heart. I'm looking for an Irish language expert who'd be willing to translate it because I think there needs to be more modern reading materials offered in Irish for those who do speak it, to help keep the language alive.



Cat44 said...

Dear Stacey, hello from Italy and thanks for sharing your sweet story. And yes, it has been translated into Italian! (I wish i could have done it myself! :)) In your book about a gorgeous owl I have found lots of things that reminded me of my small budgies. I was blessed to have them as friends and I'll never forget them.
Some months ago I was in hospital, trying to recover as soon as possible because my last female budgie was all alone. She had lost her partner a few days before and was in despair. When I came back home, she showed me her joy although she was still so sad. She saved my life, but I wasn't able to save hers, unfortunately. She passed away after 2 weeks - 14 precious days in which we were together, played together, and talked all the time. I am grateful I found her alive at my return and had her with me for some time more.
My budgies all loved tap water and having baths, and cuddles, of course. I had a very brave and smart male budgie who escaped and came back after 4 hours spent somewhere in the woods. His son was "my" baby, as I had him since hatching ,and he was the tamest and most generous bird in the world. I learned a lot from him about life !!
All of my budgies were free to fly into my house. I inherited the original couple from an old lady who was fond of birds and had taught them many things. Although they would have been a welcome food for Wesley, they were similar in a sense. And it was undoubtedly LOVE the feeling between us.
I have seen your puppy's photos. She looks really beautiful. Will you have another baby owl soon? I hope so. You'd be the best mummy to any animal!
Your Italian reader

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Thanks for your inquiry into a french version of Wesley being available. I'll keep reading your blog in hopes for a positive outcome!

Warmest wishes,
Nathalie :)

Criquette said...

I just finished reading your lovely book and wanted to thank you for sharing your story about the wonderful Wesley. I grew up in New Orleans and only remember hearing an owl in the wild a few times one summer. It was late at night and my window was open. I heard the soft hooting (it was a great horned owl) and I was fascinated. I had heard the superstition that hearing an owl hoot meant someone in your family was going to die soon. But the sound was so awesome that it didn't scare me at all. When I moved to Kansas City, an owl swooped in front of my car when I was driving home one night. it was the first time I saw an owl in the wild and it was incredible. Since then, I have moved to a house that backs up to a wooded area and we have barred owls who hunt our woods and use one of the trees as a roost. I love hearing them and knowing they are near.So when I found your book, I had to read it and I wasn't disappointed. I only wish I had the right location to set up a barn owl box, but there are too many trees. Thank you again and I am looking forward to your next book. Best of luck and best of health!

Carol said...

Hey Stacey, I just read Wesley starting last night about 9 pm last night and finished tonight at about 6 pm. Love it! I grew up in El Segundo, and it was fun to see you mention my hometown in your book. My dad went to CalTech too! I also grew up listening to Don Francisco. So, it was fun when you mentioned Wendy's huband's last name at the end of the book, and I said, "Hey I know that guy. I wonder if he is the same one." Sure enough he was.

My book club is discussing this book in September up her in Corvallis, Oregon (land of the spotted owl!).

Thanks for your poignant memoir. I cried at the end. You were a good mom to Wesley.

Nini said...

Dear Stacey, I looked on the French amazon website, and couldn't find your book in French... which is a shame, my best friend in France doesn't speak English, but I would so love to get your book for her!
I'm French myself, and do professional translations occasionally, so if you ever need a hand to translate some materials into French, let me know ;)
(btw I devoured your book in three days and I am sooo thrilled to find out that owls are such intelligent creatures!)