Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wes Collectible Update

Hi all, Wendy here... I received the final Wesley prototype and I am so thrilled with him! Because I opted to make some final changes, the collectible will be arriving late December to early January. We originally hoped to have it by Christmas, but it was worth taking the time to perfect his design. This is one of the most fun creative projects I have done in a long time! We are now taking preorders for the collectible on the Wesley Site at .

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clancy said...

hi stacey
You came to my art page of owl drawings, and I wanted to invite you to the opening on November 13th at 8 at the world of wonder gallery at 6650 hollywood blvd in LA. There will be an owl themed party and i heard an owl go go dancer, if you are able to imagine that. anyway, I didn't have an email address, so I had to write you here, but of course any other owl fans are invited as well. 100 owls i have drawn and painted can be seen in a preview at
I hope you can come